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Date of Birth: 09/10/1961

Age: 55

Citizenship: Russia


Lyudmila Shevel graduated in 1983, the Kiev Theatrical Institute. Karpenko-Kary. In the movie started filming while still a student. Viewers remember her mischievous and courageous faces in melodrama Boris Savchenko "Before the War" (based on the same product Vilya Lipatova). A lot of interesting roles was in the following years: Galina Syroezhkina in the drama "The Understudy takes effect," Jeanne in "Dance floor" prostitute Lyubka in the melodrama "Night of sinners" and others.

Once again on the silver screen actress appeared in the late 90s. She appeared in several episodes of the popular series "The Streets of broken lamps." In 2005, Lyudmila Shevel starred in the comedy series "Refrigerator and others."


1981 will come passions, cheeky

Even before the 1982 war,

1983 Lone offers hostel

1983 Understudy takes effect

1984 icy ground Heat

1984 Rowan night

1984 Ivanko and the king Poganin

1985 Dance floor

1985 Password know two

1986 Cossack galloped through the valley

1986 Lermontov

And in 1986 in memory of the sounds resound

1986 Boris Godunov

1987 Where is nofelet?

1987 Lucky man

1988 Fortieth Day

1988 Compatriots

1989 Watchmaker and chicken

1989 Neprikayannyy1989 Vaska

Gullies 1990

1991 Yatrinskaya witch

1991 Night of sinners

1992 No evidence (Belarus)

1993 Black Stork (Belarus)

1994 Shlyahtich logjam, or Belarus in fantastic stories (Belarus)

1998 Streets of broken lamps - series

1999 Streets of broken lamps. The New Adventures of cops - series

2001 Destructive Power-2 - TV series

2005 Refrigerator and others - series

2006 Sea Devils - series

Author: Igor BIN

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