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Date of Birth: 11/24/1948

Age: 67

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

Love conquers all

Author: Andrew Puminov

Website: Celebrities

Lyudmila refers to the post-war generation of children. She was born in Moscow on November 24, 1948. Her father, Andrew Porgina, fought at the front and was in captivity, and then lived in the Far East, the birthplace of the elder sister Irina Lyudmila, ill with typhus and lived after the birth of her daughter very long. His mother, Nadezhda Stepanovna, struggling alone raised two daughters. In five years Luda due to medical errors almost lost her eyesight and was for a long time in the hospital. The hardships of life brightens rare trips to the cinema, and Lyudmila Porgina dreamed she grows up and is sure to become an actress. Immediately after graduation, she went to take entrance exams in Moscow Art Theater School and was admitted to the workshop P. Massalsky. At the same time Lyudmila married her classmate Michael Pole; However, this marriage did not withstand the test of household and financial difficulties, and lasted just over a year.

After the release of the studio she was invited Oleg Efremov and was admitted to the Moscow Art Theatre. However, she has worked there a short time, and from 1973 to 2010 was in the troupe Theatre. Lenin Komsomol. Lyudmila Porgina appeared on the scene in such iconic productions of that time as Til` `` Juno and Avos`, `The Star and Death of Joaquin Murety`. She brilliantly played atamansha in `muzykantah` Bremen, Svetlana performed the role in` Three girls in golubom` and Golovkina in `Shute Balakireve`.

Since 1973, Ludmila Porgina began to act in films. Her debut was a small episode in the film adaptation of Shakespeare`s comedy `Much Ado nichego`. During the filming of a stunt Lyudmila met Viktor Korzun. A strong man once captured her heart, even though he was 18 years older, and the wedding took place shortly. Although Victor loved his young wife and cared for her in every way, this marriage, too, was very short-lived.

Star Lenkom, the captivity of all women`s hearts, was Nicholas Karachentsov. And soon Lyudmila realized that what captivated her in a caring and serious Victor, can not replace true love. She has long fought for the heart of Nicholas and initiated divorce from Korzun.

In August 1975, Nikolai and Ludmila married. Porgina continued to play successfully in the performances and in the movies. She appeared on screen in the films `` The ensemble neudachnikov` and Life Bethovena`, and in 1983 came to the set with her husband, playing a woman with a baby in the film of the play `Juno and Avos`. In 1978, at the Karachentseva Porginoj and son Andrew. The popular actor was growing with each passing year, it vied invited well-known filmmakers and the audience loved. Nicholas worked on dubbing films and cartoons are often performed songs in concerts and recorded several records. In 1987, he became a folk artist, not only in spectator popularity, but also the official title. The stage and screen career Lyudmila also evolved quite successfully, she was an actress in demand, continued to act in films, and in 1999 was awarded the title of Honored Artist. Son Andrew became a lawyer, married, the family appeared grandson Peter.

Happy family life changed dramatically in February 2005. His mother Ludmila was suffering from cancer, and once her condition rapidly deteriorated. Agitated Lyudmila asked her husband to urgently come to the garden home. Hurrying, Nikolai quickly led his `Folksvagen` on an icy road, and at some point lost control; while the seat belt was not wearing. The car overturned, and the actor has received a serious head injury and other serious damage. The call came from the Institute Sklifosovsky after 40 minutes after Nadezhda Stepanovna died. Lyudmila sister left near the body of the mother, and hurried to her husband. Karachentsov not come out of a coma 26 days, then more than a month spent in the intensive care unit. The doctor said Lyudmila - he will live, but will not be the same, like it the way it will be. And loving wife began to do everything possible and impossible. She spoke with Nicholas that his soon to be born granddaughter, read aloud the letters that came to him, everyone was happy his throat, then each independent step. Once the actor`s health allowed, he asked to take him to church, and soon Lyudmila and Nikolay got married. After the confession, the priest said Ludmila: `This is your cross and your road in ray`.

For almost ten years, Lyudmila Porgina not swerving from the road. She has to endure and angry whispers in the back, and the rudeness of TV presenters, and even insults and assault on a neighbor country, not to mention the constantly appearing on the Internet about the death Karachentsova messages. But Lyudmila tries to Nikolai attended the theatrical events, prepared to publish his book `Avos` by writing in her last chapter, and several CDs with his songs and made presentations to the presence of her husband. Nikolai Petrovich was treated in Israeli hospitals, and then a rehabilitation program in China. His speech has improved significantly, he does vocals. In 2013 Karachentsov even able to dream of a small episode of `2` White Dew - adequately held out the entire shoot, the actor broke down in tears after her graduation. Lyudmila is making every effort to husband felt active person, visits with him movies and performances, there is in other cities. She plans to get lucky Nicholas in Tibet and hopes that he will be able to walk even with a stick.

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