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Date of Birth: 05/13/1957

Age: 59

Place of Birth: Aleksandrov

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Anton Lopushkov

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Born in the town of Alexandrov, Vladimir Region. She graduated from the Theater School. BV Shchukin (1980). Since 1980 - the actress Theater. Vl. Mayakovsky.


Nile Lyudmila Valeryanovna was born May 13, 1957 in the town of Alexandrov, Vladimir Region. When she was in high school, then I attended all circles at the same time, and the last of her passion became a theater. True, the actress admits that it was just infatuation, nothing serious for her. Her friend, with whom they were engaged together in the drama studio, really wanted to be an actress, and she persuaded Lyudmila, so to speak for the company, to go to enter a theater.

So it can be said quite casually Lyudmila Nile hit the Moscow Art Theater School, where, however, was expelled after a year of not passed exam on the history of the CPSU. But then he entered the Shchukin School (a course Alla Kazan), who graduated in 1980. Truth and here the actress was not without adventure, diploma gave her only two years later, when she passed the scientific communism.

After graduating from college Nile was accepted into the troupe Theatre. Mayakovsky where she worked until 1994.


Film debut for Ludmila Art ala Lena Kuznetsova role in the film "Grasshopper" was released on cinema screens in 1978. For its time it was quite a bold pattern that tells about a young provincial girl who came to the capital, successfully married, he has got a lover. After the divorce, she can become a free and secure, but at the moment it arrives younger sister, who was going around to imitate her. This causes the character to reflect, and do they need such a life?

Almost immediately after that followed by roles: Alena in "Petrovka 38" Selena ( "Through the thorns to the stars"), Alain Borisoglebskaya ( "Melody for two voices") and brought her first famous role of a charming spy Jadwiga Kowalska in the "State Border" . After this picture of actress even zakrpilos nickname "Honored spy USSR"

Then there were the "big money" (Lydia Cheboksarova), "cries Gde-to Oriole" (Marina Orlova), "Combat" (Lisle, wife Sedov). In 1987, Lyudmila starred in several notable films: in the adventure film "Naval Cadets, Forward!" She played the Innkeeper Martha, in the comedy "Where is nofelet?" - Faith, and the historical drama "Moonzund" (set on the famous novel by Valentine Pikul), its heroine was kontrrazvedchitsa Clara Izelgof. In 1990, she starred in the role of Lily is also very popular comedy "Womanizer."


In 1994, when the country became very ill with work, Liudmila Nile with her husband George had emigrated to the United States. Their first city was Los Angeles, where Lyudmila, was sitting with his son, went to English classes, and her husband worked as a driver counterpart of our taxi. So they lived for eight months, and then, tired of the constant earthquakes, moved to Colorado.

After moving to a new residence, the Nile went to computer courses, which are trained to handle tester (full-time needed to press a single button - to check the computer programs), but realized it was not her. It is arranged in a store clerk, but there pretty quickly fled. Then she got a job assistant singles of Russian grandmothers - Lyudmila used to take them to the shops, clinics, on kakie-to events helped to get out of the house. At the same time, Nile sold Moscow apartment. On the proceeds from the sale money, George opened a car repair shop, but quickly went bankrupt.

At some point, the husband of Ludmila increasingly began to fly to Moscow. Until one day he announced that he has another woman. At this point, the actress realized that in America it has nothing to do ... especially since a friend told: "Come immediately, I`ll live." And her two suitcases, "junk", the child under his arm and three hundred dollars fell on the head of the very friend ...

The Return of the profession

Back in Russia, after a couple of months, Lyudmila Nile came to the stage (one of the former classmates offered her candidacy producers antrepriznyh performance). And soon she played a small role in the television series Galina Brezhnev "Red Square". This was followed by large and small roles in the films "The hunt for red deer" (Lisa Fedyakina), "The Black Goddess" (Elizabeth), "Urban Romance" (Catherine Gushina), "Flowers for the Snow Queen" (Svetlana).

In 2008, the Nile again Lyudmila try on the image of Galina Brezhnev. Only this time, she got the main role - she starred in director Vitaly Pavlov "Galina" biographical series. Accordingly, the actress has been much more difficult task - to reveal the multifaceted personality for a sufficiently great length of time. Lyudmila Nile did it, and it became a well-deserved award of the prize "Golden Eagle" in the nomination for "Best Actress on TV."

The role of Galina Brezhnev and other successful works of the actress revealed that the return to the Russian screen took Lyudmila Nile. It is again, as claimed in previous years. Just over four years (from 2008 to 2011) it was played a dozen roles, including: Margarita Petrovna Anikin in detective melodrama "Bodyguard," orphanage director Olga Kirillovna in the series "Paradise apples. Life goes on, "concluded Pchelkina in a criminal melodrama" Citizen boss "Nadezhda Leger in the series` Furtseva" Mother Praskovya detective in "The Accidental Witness" and others.

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