Ludmila Marchenko

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Date of Birth: 06/20/1940

Age: 56

Place of birth: Arkhipo-Osipovka

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Tatiana Kozlova

Website: Celebrities

The young pretty face with a slightly upturned nose. Such moviegoers saw it in the 59th year. Sophomore VGIK Lyudmila Marchenko was only 19. They found and lit the star of our film classics Gregory Kozintsev and Ivan Pyryev. 58-year-old fell in love with the master student. Luce thought it was funny and strange. She dared not refuse him. Touchy genius is not just a girl. Simple-minded and naive, she did not even know in which networks got. Pyryev pursued it to the end of his days. Shadow Ivan Alexandrovich followed her and after his death.


From the tender age Luda everyone called "actress". And when asked, "Who will?" She childish lisp, replied: "Atistkoy". The 135-th Moscow school, she was a prima school theater, and in the 10th grade, even the director. No one was surprised that the girl was held simultaneously in all the qualifying rounds Schepkinskom and the Shchukin School. But some of the teachers told her to go to the Film Institute. "For a theater actress in your weak voice," - she said. She obeyed. Lyudmila Leo Kulidzhanov liked too: it`s a he represented his character in "Father`s house." Pyryev debutante immediately offered the lead role in "White Nights". Seeing her sweet face, he realized that no sampling is not necessary that only the girl Nastya play. Life for Lucy unfolded so beautifully and quickly, that school being in love with the cadet Eugene Peshkov faded among the compliments and flirting idols, whose faces never left the screen. She saw that like Ivan, although it is accepted for professional admiration, besides Ivan was nearly 60, and he was married to Marina itself Ladynina! In the "White Nights" her partner was 31-year-old Oleg Strizhenov, in those years the idol and favorite of women. Without realizing Luda in love with him. Not very flaunting their relationship (Strizhenov was married to actress Marina Strizhenovoj), became a loving couple to rent a room at Demidov Lane. Soon Lucy realized she was pregnant.

- Neither mom nor I knew nothing - says her sister Galina. - Luda has always been very secretive. Only years later, she admitted, that Oleg was like and not against the child. But then the young have decided that now it is out of place: it is not divorced, no place to live, her career is just beginning. Luda secretly had an abortion at some moolah, as it turned out later, was unsuccessful. In general, it was her first and last pregnancy. Do not become a child, and love with the hero-lover somewhere he disappeared.

But if Ivan was waiting for such a solution. He began to actively pursue it. So active that he was summoned to the Central Committee. Authoritative silver-haired director, as if not understanding what it was about, feel, not Julia, said he loved girl wants to get married and all of these proceedings is very humiliating. From the Central Committee, he was the victor! But this girl! .. She did not go to meet him.

- We were so raised, - says Galina - that an adult can not be rude, impertinent to say a word. All harassment Pyreva (and in fact, and for her it was a myth, the legend) Luda respectfully replied that between them a huge age difference, she can not marry him because he peers grandfather and her mother never will understand.

And then, not knowing defeats, Pyryev went to 45-year-old mother. He quit appraising glance at the small, miserable flat, realized that "mother-in-law" should be delighted as a tempting offer, and began to "woo". The potential mother-in-law, not fearing the wrath of pyrevskogo, he pointed to the door.

Frustrated LAM

- What Luda was for him? - Asks Galina. - Muse, inspiration, nostalgia for his youth? Until now, I find it hard to understand. But the more she refused, the more furiously he sought it.

One day she came home and said that she is getting married. It was a bolt from the blue: anyone like not met, no courting, about any potential suitors, and the speech was not. She called his name - Vladimir Verbenko student MGIMO. And though my mother knew the spontaneity of its decision, but the marriage did not resist. They lived together for long: the name Pyreva, gossip and gossip loop stretched for a young couple. Vladimir did not like it - the family split up without tears and tantrums. Once Ivan said Ludmila:

- Construct a cooperative house. I can help to join a cooperative.

Was it his kind gesture, or he`s still playing it, arranging, in the first place, an alcove for the desired dates, is hard to say, but soon 23-year-old graduate of VGIK moved into a studio apartment on the street Chernyakhovsky. Now Ivan became increasingly go and see the guests with a bottle of vodka. For Ludmila it was the beginning of trouble. Once, when Pyreva no one opened the door, he cracked it. The apartment was empty. In anger, he crushed and broke everything that came to hand. A live yesterday`s student, put all his savings in the cooperative, very modestly. Neighbors saw riot actors of his chief, but to call the police, or even afraid to intervene.

- He took all her clothes off. I remember that day Ludmila had to go to a meeting with the audience, and she remains the one and only dress, in which she appeared in a ruined apartment, - says Galina. - By nature, very calm, Luda, cried in despair:

- I`m going to complain to you!

- On Me-e-nya? - Royally he articulated. - For me it is possible to complain only in the DOSAAF!

PRO car accident Myth

Among friends Lusine was actor Vladimir Gusev. He met with his friend Ludmila Valentin Berezin, head of exploration party. He played the guitar and sang a song, it`s interesting talking about his romantic profession, admired by women. Valentin beautifully cared for Luda, met with relatives of the bride. We are talking about the wedding. Pyryev was beside himself with anger. Soon, all the directors of "Mosfilm" received a strict command: continue Gusev not shoot!

And Lyudmila starred in the movie, went on tour, Valentin - in their expedition. When returning from all sides heard whispering about Pyreva his divorce from Ladynina and molestation Marchenko. It lasted three years, and one day Valentine exploded, he began to beat his wife in a fit of jealousy. Bill brutally. She was screaming, calling for help. Among the screams of people have heard the name of "Pyryev". When recovered, Lyudin face was a bloody mess solid. Sister remembers that on the floor in a pool of blood lay a slice lip. Valentin called "fast". And there is not the fear of the court, is not ashamed of his barbarity, he persuaded his wife to say that she allegedly got into a car accident. So she did. Doctors have seen that it does not transport injuries caused by the investigator, but she stood her ground. Myth, mixed with the name Pyreva lived until now. In "Sklife" the doctor was not until the appearance of the actress, they fought for her life. 26-year-old woman came out of the hospital with a scarred, disfigured chin, tattered lips. She no longer looked like the Lyudmila Marchenko, who knew and loved the audience.

With Valentin they lived for two years. He even proposed to formalize their marriage, but she refused. And then "dobrozhelatelnitsa" said that he has another woman, and there is growing child. Luda was not screaming and indignant. She even did not let on that he knew about it. Just returned from another expedition silently gathered his things and asked to leave. Forever. It was the 68th year, the year of the death of Ivan Alexandrovich Pyreva.


Lyudmila Marchenko less often invited to star in a movie. And she does not remind of.

- This is a feature of her character, - says Galina. - Pride because a great sin. I keep it is inspired. One day a friend of mine told me that at the end of life, when Lionella Mow zhenila Pyreva on himself, the young housekeeper wife called and asked to convey Ivan, asking him to send her a car. "All the time something she had to! - Muttered Pyryev. - Itself will reach. It is this, - he tapped his cane on the favorite stamping the profile snub-nosed girl, very similar to Lyusin - nor-and-when nothing is ask. "

At that time, in the filmography of Marchenko indeed a bit of work, "Gypsy", "Scouts" little episodes. Gradually, she became depressed. However, there were sympathizers who came to her with a bottle of cheer. Perhaps at this very difficult period and there was a man in her life who struggled to save her, - Vitaly Voitenko, the administrator Mosconcert. In the 70 years of plastic surgery have not yet, but he found a surgeon who tried to do the first operation.

- Vitalka paid a lot of money, but the result was terrible. Worse than after "Sklifa" - he sighs Galina. - Tried to change, and again unsuccessfully. They appointed another operation, but Luda refused, she knew that our doctors are powerless.

Not falling Vitaly spirit offered to ride along with her movies on the road. Indeed, in Lyudmilinyh albums pile of photographs depicting her meeting with the audience. From Ukraine to the dense taiga. The pictures trains, airplanes, helicopters, taiga fires, the Black Sea beaches, flowers, hugs, smiles ... But in one of the gray days, she suddenly said to her husband: "I can no more! I can not hear any more the traditional question: "What are you working on now," It`s a shame to live old merits ... "Vitali continued to go concerts, but without her. In 1975, they parted.

Princess Mary

- The Luce live two people are very kind, gentle woman who can be strong inflexibility and weak man run evil spirits - told her idolized famous illustrator Sergei Sokolov. He loved eepervuyu - the one that was his muse. The Princess Mary, kuprinskoy Olesya and Shulamith - in all his works seen her features. And the second, Sergei decided to fight. I found a doctor. Lucy agreed to these sessions, but then I accidentally found out that the vaunted doctor`s husband - a complete alcoholic, and more to it did not go ... And lived with her artist. Twenty-one years loved, suffered, suffered, fought and retreated again.

Now Ludmila worked in the studio theater actor. The theater works with every year becomes less and less. Marchenko was involved in only two performances in tiny roles. But the actress they are very expensive. Over time, the impact of the head injury she began to lose hearing and terribly oppressed by it. At the beginning of perestroika in the theater began cutting. Administration tactfully reminded the actress that her long been filmed in the movie. Lucy is regarded as a proposal to leave on their own. And gone. She went on "Mosfilm" assistant director for the acting staff. Actors work was hard, and Lucy, they thought something was dependent, and together they went to her with bottles. Sokolov first shamed "honored and popular", then unceremoniously began to persecute all. But soon, and this post was not.

Sergey seriously ill. And indeed she was unwell. To save their only cottage sister, Galina. Every spring they left under Tver, Sokolov painted, she was reading, talking to her cats, feed the birds, digging in the garden. On the day when he died Sokolov was so hot that it did not dare to drive in Moscow, where, in the village and buried. There was a long, long winter, that Lucy never liked. In Moscow crawled some terrible flu ...

In Lyusin apartment rang. The tube took nephew. A male voice asked Luda, Lyudmila Vasilyevna.

- She`s not. She died ... - Sasha said.

At the end of silence. Then he said, almost inaudibly:

- Tomorrow I`ll ...

Now the handset lifted Galina. It was a call from a distant youth. Rang Eugene, cadet Eugene Peshkov. She did, of course, remember. Now, Colonel, passed Afghanistan, fighting each General Gromov, who is married, has two children ...

- Where is Lucy? - He asked suddenly.

Galina explained how to Vagankove find her grave. But he did not find. I called again. Again she explained. Then Galya understand why he can not find Lucy: the sun faded beyond recognition, her picture. But Jack did not call more, and when he called, she was not hoping for a successful search, immediately blurted out:

- I will replace the pictures.

- It is not necessary, - he said.

- No, no, certainly - probably giving myself a promise, he insisted Galina.

- I`m already done ... I ordered a marble monument, shadow portrait ... because I have a lot of pictures ... it`s just not had time to look, as established ... I called the hospital.

Galina went to the cemetery. At the grave of the sisters was a luxury obelisk. Of course, it would be a can not afford.

But Eugene called again a few days later. He said that he and his wife also liked the monument. Here are just a silent, that his wife bought a luxury bouquet of flowers and gave it to Luce, a girl who once loved her husband.

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