Ludmila Gladunko

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Date of Birth: 05/31/1947

Age: 69

Place of birth: Khmelnitsky

Citizenship: Russia


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Happy couple

Lyudmila Gladunko was born May 31, 1947 in the city of Khmelnitsky in the family of the actress Rita Gladunko. Already in the 15 years old girl made her debut in the film - directed by Edmond Keosayan entrusted her role Zina in his painting "Where are you now, Max?". Her co-star was the young Boris Tokarev. It is said that the second director, showing Tokarev fotoproby heroine, warned: "Look, do not fall in love!" But just looking at adorable pictures pretty darling girl with short hair, scratches on the face and expressive eyes, Boris realized that really fell in love.

In the same year, Lyudmila graduated from high school and enrolled as an external student at VGIK. There also arrived and Boris. Then there were the years of study, visits, a declaration of love. Lyudmila tells about the time: "He did not even cared, but rather waited, when I matured for the marriage. I remember how Pyzhova that led our course, talking in class, "Tokarev, depart from Gladunko, infusions, still have time."

A formal proposal made Lyudmila Boris in 1969, after graduation. Ludmila recalls: "He makes a formal proposal, and I was not myself. Submit an application, I returned home and began to cry - do not understand why all this is necessary, because it is quite possible to live as before ... "

Their marriage was strong and happy. Together they have many, many years that are rare among actors pairs. However, Boris and Lyudmila do not find it unusual. "We Boria but sex associated feelings much more. It keeps us up to now ", - says Lyudmila. And he adds: "We are so logically and naturally exist together, and can not imagine that life has developed in a different way."


While studying at VGIK Lyudmila Gladunko starred in several films. The most notable work of those years - heroically deceased aviator Eugene Rumyantsev military ballad Alexei Sakharov "Pure ponds".

In 1969, Lyudmila graduated from the University and became an actress studio theater actor. She regularly appeared in films, playing, as a rule, the role of his contemporaries. Among her works Tanya in the melodrama "Russian field", the class teacher Veta Pavlovna "Shoo and Dvaportfelya" children`s comedy, librarian Natasha, the second wife of Nicholas Kasatkina in the melodrama "The only" employee of the museum Julia in the detective "Procession gold animals` employee militia Lyudmila Petrovna Rozov a detective "investigation" Zina in the melodrama "more love, more hope."

At Life

The secret to a happy family life Gladunko Ludmilla and Boris Tokarev, perhaps, lies not only in love and respect for each other, but also in the common interest. Since then, in 1977, Boris Tokarev graduated from the VGIK, Lyudmila removed almost all the pictures of her husband. The beginning of their joint activities marked the short story "My Angel", shot by Boris Tokarev in 1978 as part of the pilot youth he founded the creative association "Debut". This was followed by roles in the romantic drama "We are crowned not in the church (Anna Kuvshinskaya), historical-revolutionary film" Area Rebellion "(Alexander Guryanov and Marie), youth crime drama" The Night Crew "(mother Nina), tragicomedy" Cabin Fever "(Tatiana ).

As recognized by Boris working on a role, Lyudmila always something reworked for themselves. In the end, it seems, and pushed her to the profession of director and screenwriter. In 2001, together with her husband they took their first joint picture - chalk odramu "Do not leave me, love." One of the roles in the film played by their son Stepan. However, he was not enticed acting career. He graduated from MGIMO and bind their lives with the movie is going.

Their second joint directorial work - the series "My Prechistenka", released in theaters in 2003. In fact the couple have created epic, covering the period from 1900 to 2000. In each of the series through the fate of the main characters displayed or that important period in the history of nasheystrany.

In "My Prechistenka" starring as the stars of the Russian cinema, and young actors, which gave the series` start in life. " This Kazyuchis Anna and Alexander Volkov, Alexander Yefimov, and Olga Pogodin, and many others. From veterans may be noted Valery Barinov, who agreed to play in the series, even without reading the script. By the way, here he first sang on the screen.

In 2008, Tokarev and Gladunko put a picture of "Distance". The prototype of the main character of the film is the famous runner, Olympic champion Svetlana Masterkova. She sang the role of Olga Pogodin.


1964 Where are you now, Max?

1965 Thirty-three

1965 Chistye Prudy

1967 Magician

1969 Bridges over oblivion

1970 Marine character

1971 If you`re a man ...

1972 Light water

1972 Russian field

1974 Shoo and Dvaportfelya

1975 only

1978 My angel (short story from k / a "Youth")

1979 Procession gold animals

1980 investigation

1982 We are not crowned in the church

To instruct the General Nesterov 1984 ...

1984 Special case

1985 More love, more hope

1985 area of ??the Rebellion

1987 Night Crew

1990 Our people in San Remo

1992 Hermit

1992 Forgiveness

2001 Do not leave me, love - actor, director, screenwriter

2003 My Prechistenka - director, screenwriter

Distance 2008 - director, screenwriter

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