Ludmila Dmitrieva

Picture of Ludmila Dmitrieva

Date of Birth: 09/08/1947

Age: 69

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

From Ani Ardov father I made a few abortions!

Author: Janina Lokshinsky

Website: Celebrities

The actor`s coterie gossip that affair with the actor and director Boris Ardovs, become your first husband, brought great happiness and incredible suffering. This is true?

- After school, before entering the Moscow Art Theatre School, I studied at the Textile Institute. My mother - a simple woman - insisted: get a normal education, and then go wherever you want - at least in the actress. In the third year the Faculty of Chemistry I got into theater club and knew immediately: this is mine! Here and met with Boris. As soon as I saw his brown eyes, I felt lost. He began an affair. My favorite was the cook in my theatrical institution. Then Ardov was married to actress Spectators Micah, they have two daughters were growing: the eldest and the youngest, Anna, Nina, now known actress. When we were not painted with Boris, a two-year Anya told me: "Aunt, go, it`s my dad!" But I did not leave, though felt terribly awkward.

So, you took away my husband at Anya`s mom?

- No, you! At the time of our acquaintance with Boris in his marital relationship with Mika actually it was not. She had fallen in love with Igor Starygin and later married him. I would say more, we are very good friends with Mika. The registry office with Boris I went in her white dress. And then, when I once again became pregnant, and the question arose whether to leave me baby, it Anechkina mother insisted: "Of course, give birth! Somehow nourished and grow your baby. " Before that, I took a few abortions, about anything without worrying too much. Just madly I loved Boria, which another child was not really needed. Over the years, I long in the temple of their otmalivala interrupted pregnancy.