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Hello. Tell us briefly the history of vgd.ru, what events prompted the idea of ??the need to create this kind of site? Are there people who can be said, "he is unlikely to emerge without vgd.ru"?

-Good afternoon. We have been publishing now, when there was a default of 1998, most of our partners went bankrupt, and we decided to change the type of activity.

www.vgd.ru (All-Russia family tree, IOP) would not appear without us: without Sergei Kotelnikov, taking a great interest in genealogy, the head of the site, and without Lyudmila Biryukova, that is me, the leading site.

How long have you determined with the project name?

-name Invented Sergei, we liked it right away, and there were no options.

However, we are still at the same time come up with the goods with the mysterious name generezis, and even registered the word as a trademark, but then develop this theme did not. It was supposed to - genealogical summary, in a specific way the completed form, amenable to further processing. Why did not? We decided not to produce in excess of the required entity.

All-Russia family tree - the name is not very simple ...

Yes, indeed, the full name is too long for easy casting. And visitors, and we are just a call site IOP.

When vgd.ru celebrating a birthday?

-In Internet site appeared about 1 May 1999 (a little early, actually). May 1st birthday and we believe, for the perception of lightness.

How long vgd.ru work in its present form?

-In The current form - recently, will soon be two years.

At first site was located on a server adicom, he was small (although it seemed to us that is very large - 10 megabytes), just in html format, no interactivity.

At the intermediate stage, when we have already become a small place, part of the site dispersed on a free server, forum, we discovered many times in different places. Then we bought a domain name, and since then are on Valuehost.

Then we opened our own forum based on Ikonboard, and then met with a remarkable programmer XXXXPro, which is the main base and a site we moved in a database format, and the forum is developing constantly.

The old version of the website (in html) so long as we have, and is, in some way as a relic. In the new version a lot more information, and it has changed dramatically.

The current design you are satisfied?

-Design Unhappy, but this is absolutely not scary.

The fact that the site is constantly changing, then he and the design will be better, the main thing - do not design.

As vgd.ru "found" its format? Repelled by the experience of other similar projects? Experience of foreign sites? Do overseas sites vgd.ru similar in spirit, in the format?

-Generally, It was a funny story.

Deciding that we will cease to engage in publishing activities, we experimented with various other areas, in particular, for example, wanted to make a database of Muscovites with their interests, for advertising purposes. It now seems that it is indecent activity, such as picking up the dossier, it seemed that this is perfectly normal. While working on a database we found that family ties there arise spontaneously. Then the database stolen from us with your computer, start it all over again was pointless, but it has come up with a site map. At the same time, the site was not a database, and all the information I have entered by hand only because it did not have experience in the Internet - on the go around studying, learn html so more can, and create a database - hardly ...

Foreign sites at the time were much more technologically advanced, but we are not at all bothered because in RuNet genealogical sites in general there were very few.

You say, "in runet genealogy websites in general was very small." And why? People have little interest in genealogy, unpopular topic?

-Vidimo And there. People in general are interested in genealogy, as such small, they are more interested in something that you can use it to get. I do not mean inherited.

I, by the way, there is a text on the subject, which I wrote earlier to someone else. You are interested?

-Oh sure.

Ownership is a concept, not only economic, but also psychological, and psychological aspects of it for a single person is more important than economic ones. As is known, the right of ownership, use and disposal can be divided - a person is often not as important to use and dispose of as feel the fact of possession, otherwise why would he buy the moon plots?

And this sense of ownership often has nothing to do with the economic concept of property, it is associated only with what that man feels his own, and that stranger. When the child grows, he at first as "their" treats apartment, then the yard, then, perhaps, the city, and can begin to perceive as their own and the country. So we can say that the basis of patriotism - a psychological sense of ownership.

It has a sense of ownership and a temporal dimension. The Soviet government has deprived many people of their history. They were forced in many cases to abandon their ancestors, just to survive, that is, to reduce their spiritual property in time. This reduced and that part of the territory, which they perceive as their own, that is automatically reduced sense of patriotism.

Here honey fair, many people want to try honey from the land of their ancestors - that is, restoring their genealogy, they are "our" are beginning to perceive not only the territory where they are living now, but also one where their ancestors lived - patriotism territory expands .

Now the perception of his genealogy as the property is aggravated feature of our time - it is perceived as the property is not only psychologically, but also in the economic sense. For its restoration have to pay, that is, it has a price. The presence of the genealogical tree enhances the prestige and self-esteem and facilitates a positive outlook on life, that is a product with valuable consumer properties. Some are trying to sell their genealogical tree, that is, treat it as a commodity that has value not only for them but also for other people. Maybe if people would long have been denied the opportunity to study their genealogy, they would perceive it differently, but now - this is a very important part of their property.

Clear. Let`s go back to the vgd.ru. Agree, for some it may seem difficult to use. Tell us how to most effectively is to work with your site?

-In Principle, agree. The site has a very complex structure that, in general, lack of.

Core areas - two, a forum, and what we call the main base.

The forum has a lot of very good people who help each other with pleasure, there is a very nice atmosphere. There you can place an ad on the search for relatives and ancestors, and there you can ask questions. For example, a very popular section on the form - for the ancestor photos in uniform Gameday report, where he served and at what time, it is very helpful in the search.

The main base can enter themselves and their ancestors, now it can be done by yourself, ask me no more talk about it. It is quite effective, people often find each other.

Yet there is a geographical list, where you can write about your interest in some region and find the addresses of archives. And is there a section Expanded chronology, where you can enter some events from the history of the family, and there contains information on the history of Russia.

Genealogy and starts very makes sense to read the tips for beginners and genealogical vocabulary - so many questions will disappear at once, everything is very clearly written.

"Articles" section is quite interesting, but not very practical, but can be read with pleasure ... And you can write your own article.

I note that the Forum and the Alphabetical List in the main base - the most popular sections on vgd.ru. At the same time there are completely different people. The forum - talk to the regulars there mostly just the atmosphere, not even the genealogy, even though they communicate in genealogical topics. The main base of reported more people, they are more pragmatic, or put information about yourself or even placed. There you can sign up for updates on the family name, and passively wait for myself someone will enter the desired.

Are not you afraid that this "right" will be a sort of "spammer", writing false data?

We do not fear.

People sometimes write false information, but more often they are mistaken in good faith, and then correct the error, when sorted out.

The model does not work by itself. But why work - I will not say, because it`s worth something to me to explain how someone else immediately begins to try it, and it does not work ... Our schemes are only suitable to us.

How often vgd.ru added new information to the tree base?

-Everyday! And visitors are added, and I add myself. Here today - do not add, because the answer to your questions. (Laughs)

Did you claim on the part of people who do not wish that on them is in the public domain?

-Was. Well, for example, women were asked to remove the date of birth. More often than not the one who put the information and requests it after some time to clean or change, change something in my life.

One person asked him to remove information on a ridiculous reason - he wrote that the family is looking for, and he began to call and write to friends and say - you are looking for relatives, you`ve got something wrong? You can help with something?

What tasks vgd.ru set at the initial stage? For whom created

site? As tasks changed over time (so far)? Are you able to perform them?

-There Must remember that we are a commercial project. From the beginning, we did not do it "with fat," but to make money. We have put together a business plan, of course, which was based on a huge number of incorrect assumptions, as it turned out later, but on the whole works and develops project and its nonprofit exceeds commercial, so to speak. For example, one wrong assumptions were that 10 tysyach names in Russia. That is, we assumed that when the site will be 10 thousand names (first it was two and a half thousand), everyone visiting the site will find his namesake, and this will significantly speed up development of the project. And the names appeared - a million, approximately. So far they have not everything, and many of their names were not found. But the number of names every day increases, someday we until we reach one million.

And there are technical problems? (Server engine)

-Uvy, Happen.

It happens that the MySQL server is overloaded, but less lately, something valuehost at improved. Yes, it solved the problem, just attendance continues to grow uniformly, will soon have to pass on collocation, we pulled away to the point where it becomes an absolute necessity - minimize costs.

And the engine is cool, but is in a constant process of revision, so that the problems of some kind occur periodically, but still fewer problems than advantages.

Since I raised the issue with the attendance - what she`s vgd.ru?

-And It is necessary to look at mail.ru - statistics are kept there almost from the beginning. January 2001 - 21720 visitors. October 2006 - 101524. Attendance is growing, but slowly.

The qualitative leap is easy to arrange, but is not necessary. That`s when we pass on the collocation, and then it will be possible to organize horse races, as we do not push with the promotion. Everything happens naturally - at this time hosting a sharp jump in attendance a site would fall.

How come most of the visitors?

-Probably, On the links. From Yandex - not enough, the site is indexed by Yandex too, his size is not very suitable for this.

As you now position the vgd.ru?

How did the project, which is of great social importance.

Commerce has not disappeared, but it is - not the main thing.

Does vgd.ru any award, awards?

-Attention Site is not deprived, but premiums received little. Last - the winner of last year`s festival New Reality.

Although there - the last - of the Academy for the development of genealogy imageology image in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

awards are usually given for manufacturability, and though we have now and it is a technological project, thanks XXXXPro, but the ideal state is not yet reached.

How many people are currently working on the site?

-In Currently leading one site - I do, and that`s the programmer works - XXXXPro. Incidentally, an interesting thing: we will deal with it only on the internet. I never saw him, did not even know his name, but it is extremely effective and generally I like it.

Do vgd.ru motto?

-Verba Volant scripta manent - words fly away, the written remains.

As initially spun vgd.ru? Did he have some special "raskrutochnye" moves?

Yes we have the same experience, there was no! So even what we thought was wrong. That will give an example. At one time I was convinced that the site traffic is high because all through the Yandex search for their names, and finding, come to us - then sites with so many names were not on the network. I am convinced that its no secret about it all with pleasure and told me what happened? One man picked up a copy of our site and posted all over the internet, with the transition to their own, so that visitors of all Yandex he pulled over. But attendance at us - has not diminished, it is because we still have not caught up. So, it is not known what worked. Just the site caught a wave of luck.

And how is untwisted and advertised vgd.ru now


Well, what`s going on from the beginning and gives some effect - is advertising in RLE. So it is with us in 1999 and turns on the network. One time we advertised their services through the runner, is now stopped the process, look, what a difference. A small, oddly enough. So it`s not ratsionaliziruemo, IOP site spins itself a mystical way himself.

What about the competition? Do they exist at all? Do you try to work with them?

-Here Are cooperating, for example, with the creators of the program, "The Tree of Life" - they have a section on the forum, where they are very well answer the questions members of the forum. In some ways, our competitor, they - they also have from your own site genealogical services. And in general, the forum a lot of private genealogists, and representatives of different organizations are looking for a genealogical orders, we do not mind, a lot of people, demands for our time enough for everyone in Russia.

Among genealogical poposeschaemosti competitors` sites we have.

The result of some "chips"?

-It`s Hard to say. I`m telling you - there`s something mystical. Invent can, but not the fact that this will be true. I have a feeling that the IOP - a live site. It is not too formalized, it is not without drawbacks, however, and is not without merits ...

Perhaps it illustrates a silly phrase, "Be easy, and people to reach for you." And that`s saying - "Sour will - rasplyuyut sweet will - rasklyuyut". We and peck (IOP materials scattered everywhere) and rasplevyvayut (detractors we also have), so that we - sour-sweet, with a distinctive flavor. (Laughs)

Collaborates Is Now vgd.ru with some other sites? What other sites would you like to collaborate?

I`ve already talked about the cooperation with the "Tree of Life".

And I would like ... I can tell you with whom I would like to work. The decisions we adopt, at the same time, Sergey Kotelnikov, a project manager, I`m talking exclusively about their desires rather delusional. I would like to cooperate with anyone who sells teddy bears, for the purpose of the works of these genealogy gifts. And anyone who has vyshivatelnaya technology, with the aim of emblems embroidery on handkerchiefs.

Tell us a little more about the "PAID SERVICES". Do people often turn to you in this regard?

-Obraschayutsya More often than we take orders. Demand for genealogical service is great, all the other too.

That is, apparently, it is possible to say that vgd.ru - profitable project?

-VGD Initially earns - genealogical research, manufacture of coats of arms, decorated family trees. Advertising began to make recently. To place it, you simply write a letter.

It seems to vgd.ru maintained and the English version?

-And She feebly supported.

The fact that we are not looking for customers from the west. Visitors there are many, they are often used autotranslator, but we do not specifically lures. We focus more on Russia.

Who is he - a user vgd.ru?

-Iskhodya From the fact that on weekends attendance falls, many come to the site to work. Based on the fact that it can not be reset, still go out of the house too. Age average forumchanin - older than 35, there are very elderly. The main basis of longer range, and to the young themselves are entered, even most young ...

Are there at vgd.ru competitions?

-No. We held an exhibition in real life, and competition within it, but then formed an independent organization, and we are not doing that for the product shows members of the forum.

And in general - often do you spend the exhibition or any other off-event?

-Vstrechalis Much ... Now temporarily stopped - but this is the calm before the next burst of activity, as is always the case. Validating continue to meet - in Kiev, Minsk, St. Petersburg, Volgograd. But they self-assemble, we should not encourage.

Tell us a little more about the forum. Are there any plans for its development?

-In 8741 user forum. Meanwhile 9310. Posts 170,090.

You can say for sure, life - boils.

Many users have their own blogs where they put the genealogical and other stories - people are not frivolous, and stories - highly. Many photos.

The plans, but they are purely technological - so, for example, I would like to somehow combine the geographical basis of the list in the main section on the geographical aspect of the forum, but do not know how to do it. And it would be necessary, in order to simplify the structure.

How often do you have a media report? What interests the journalists?

-Pishut - Often. All commonly refer to Kotelnikov. Often journalists ask about the people who want to falsify their origin. Such it is, but they are few.

By the way, you - an exception, she wanted to answer.

Rumors on the Internet about whether vgd.ru some very loud rumors / gossip? What do you think about it?

-With interest. Rumors - different. And they go not only on the Internet. But in real life. And what can you do, once we were in sight, and even non-standard, all make "wrong" as it should be.

How often receive letters from readers? Readers opinion is taken into account when introducing new services / features?

-All Time get letters all the time we change something - IOP is not a frozen structure and dynamic. Even sometimes we change something, first in one direction and then the other, for example, regularly allow the guests to write, it is not - it all depends on their behavior.

Was there life vgd.ru some funny situations?

-Such Definitely were. But the highlight is now just one thing, unfortunately, can not.

The plans: where vgd.ru moves?

-VGD - Lives. It is a living site. It develops, changes, and already almost has its own will. He probably knows where he is moving, but how to ask him?