Ludmila Alfimova

Picture of Ludmila Alfimova

Date of Birth: 09/04/1935

Age: 81

Place of birth: Kharkov

Citizenship: Ukraine


Alfimova a child dreamed of becoming a female pilot. After a ten-year graduated from the flying club, flying in a fighter plane even mastered aerobatics. Parents do not really liked her passion. Even in school, where going to do, she refused: explained that the girls do not take. Then she decided to comprehend avtomotodelo. Alfimova even got the right motorcycle driver and the car. She was always drawn to art. With dreams of flying still did not leave, and decided that, if not in real life, then at least in a theater or cinema can be a female pilot. That came in the theater. By the way, and the first husband Alfimova - Felix M. - was a fighter pilot.

The debut in the movie

In 1958 he graduated from the Kharkov Alfimova Theatre Institute (workshop L.Serdyuka and M.Pokotylo). In 1960-1963 - the actress Kiev Youth Theater, with 1963 - the actress film studio. Dovzhenko.

The first role in the film Kinobe Marika Yefim Gakkel "My Generation", in which she played immediately after graduation. In 1961 Alfimova starred in the musical comedy "Chasing Two Hares" in the role of a nun Mironov.

Wedding in Malinovka

In 1967 he came out and for thirty years has been on the TV screens of our favorite with many movie "Wedding in Malinovka". Lyudmila Alfimova played there one of the main roles - wife Sophia guerrilla commander.

Alfimova:.. "Has played me the image of Sophia is very dear to me seem that this role was written specifically for me Although the share of chance that has got it right for me, I am there were all here as the Leningrad Theatre Actress of the Lenin Komsomol, which was supposed to.. acting in the role of Sofia, suddenly fell ill. Then, on the set of invited young actresses Kiev theater actor. I auditioned for the role of Sofia last. Rezhisserfilma Andrew Tutyshkin all complained - too young this Alfimova. Meanwhile, I was trying on clothes her character. I was made-up, painted wrinkles and imposed shadows under the eyes and I appeared before the crew on the background of the palace scenery where Gritsian Taurian usually walked with his gang Then Galina Shahovskaya, choreographer of the Bolshoi Theatre, which put dancing in our comedy, exclaimed the director:.. "What do you all look after you down the heroine from the Tretyakov gallery, remove the it! "I am very grateful to her for this" push. " The footage I played the material was sent to the "thumbnail" for approval as Sofia. Soon there came a telegram: "Congratulations on your beautiful Sophia Good luck!".

The film also stars talented actors - Vladimir Samoilov, Zoya Fyodorova, Andrew and Gregory apricot, Tamara Nosova, Michael Pugovkin, very popular at the time, the singer Nikolai Slichenko.

During his career Alfimova played in forty movies. In addition, she voiced films (about 170).

Life today

Currently she lives in the village Alfimova Pechera Tulchinsk region Vinnytsia region. She married a respected and well-known person, the local collective farm chairman Ivan Kalnitskaya - Hero of Socialist Labor, holder of many awards, who chairs the farm for half a century. Ivan Sergeyevich continues to work in Pecher, despite his advanced age - he recently turned 75 years old.

Alfimova eldest daughter - Elizabeth - actress, working in Kiev theater actor. Although, unfortunately, it fell creative biography is not the best of times: in Ukraine today is removed very few films. The youngest daughter of Alain went with his family to the United States, working as a nurse in the cardiology hospital in New York.