Lucy Vallender

Picture of Lucy Vallender

Age: 30

British soldier becomes a Muslim-transsexual

Laurens (Laurens) Vallender was no different from the rest of the soldiers of the Territorial Army (Territorial Army) - it is with great pleasure practiced shooting skills, regularly drinking with his mates and the whole platoon on the background of colleagues apparently practically does not stand out. No one suspected any serious contradictions ripen at heart Vallendera - since 14 years Lawrence has come to the conclusion that he was born representative wrong sex.

Some time Lawrence seriously tried to behave normally; Entertainment ordinary men, however, gave him little pleasure - the soul asked something else. Several times Vallendera began novels with girls, but none of them has reached more than a few months - and to intimate relationships never deal never came.

Joining the army was to Vallendera last attempt to make himself a man. In 2006, 21-year-old Vallender joined the forces of the Territorial Army, the Royal Regiment Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire (Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment). Military service, he devoted himself fully - and, as mentioned earlier, apparently it seemed quite normal soldier. After a year of service Lawrence, however, I came to the conclusion that more than exist in the body, he is not able to - trying to pretend to be an ordinary man caused him unbearable depression.

Leaving the army Vallender immersed himself in his search for the true nature of. At first he was just dressed in women`s clothes and met with men then began to grow hair and to take hormones. The final step was to become a sex-change operation. Consult your doctor was quite scary, but the physician has responded to a request for an absolutely quiet.

The operation was more than successful; Lucy Vallender start to actively explore the new body. New job woman found herself in a familiar field - the defense industry; This time, however, it has become just an employee of the Ministry of Defence cuisine.

Last September in life Vallender, there was another very, very serious change - the woman decided to convert to Islam. In this case, however, Lucy did not stop - she met on the Net with a Muslim named Murad (Murad) and became his second wife. On its unusual nature Lucy Murad did not tell, however, that, according to Vallender, and he guessed everything. Lucy With her husband after marriage met only twice - both times meeting ended with sex. In this respect, no problems have arisen Lucy; much more difficult it was to begin to comply with the norms and dogmas of the new faith.

The local mosque to unusual guests reacted without much enthusiasm; after long - and, according to Vallender quite humiliating - interrogations manual is located in Swindon, Wiltshire (Swindon, Wiltshire) mosque decided that Lucy should pray with men. Verdict Vallender was not to their liking - like the interrogation procedure itself; Lucy eventually abandoned the idea of ??prayer in the mosque and decided to pray at home. The solution is to comment on the representatives of the mosque did not, specifically mentioned that the visit of the mosque can be anyone who follows the laws of Islam.

The mosque Vallender Lucy said that she - the first known Muslim transsexual in history; Vallender, however, absolutely certain, that such as it is in the new faith is more than enough - and only fear prevents them to unlock their nature. On a similar fear Vallender knows firsthand - in the past, it was this feeling of hurt her to herself.