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Date of Birth: 05/22/1980

Age: 28

Place of birth: Oxford

Citizenship: France


Until 1997, Lucy attended a private girls` school in Oxford. After high school, I wanted to study the history and biology. Part of her childhood in France, so the increased bilingual.

In the movie actress she made her debut in 2001 with a small secondary role in the drama "Scent" (eng. Perfume). Just a list of about 15 of its films and TV series. Lucy Gordon became known, played in the film Cedric Klapisch "Russian dolls" in the Russian box office movie called "Beauty" (French Les poup & # 233;. Es russes).

In January 2008, at the film festival Slamdance Film Festival her work in the comedy movie "Frost" (eng. Frost) was highly praised by critics. His last work was the role of the actress Jane Birkin in the film "Gainsbourg, heroic life" (Fr. Serge Gainsbourg, vie h & # 233;. Ro & # 239; que). Birkin was the wife Gainsbourg, the iconic French singer and director, as well as an actress and singer. The film will premiere in 2010, movies were shown at the Cannes Film Festival 2009.

Lucy Gordon committed suicide on the eve of his 29th birthday in his Paris apartment. The body of the actress found her boyfriend - cinematographer Jerome Almeras (fr J & # 233;. r & # 244; me Alm & # 233; ras).

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