Lucio And Simplicio Godina

Picture of Lucio And Simplicio Godina

Date of Birth: 08/03/1908

Age: 28

Place of birth: a. Samar

Citizenship: Philippines

The tragic fate Siamese twins

Lucio and Simplicio Godina (Lucio and Simplicio Godina) were born in 1908 on the island of Samar in the Philippines (island of Samar in the Philippines). The boys were conjoined twins survived and that, in principle, it was quite rare - usually boys born fused, unlike girls, or die at birth, or are not viable.

By the way, Lucio and Simplicio fused too `silno` - the total they had only skin and cartilage on the buttocks, while the pelvis and spinal cord tissues were at everyone. Moreover, they are fused portion was so flexible that one of them might even lie, while another was.

Unusual twins go to the United States (United States), where they began to work in the circus. When Lucio and Simplicio was 11 years, and they worked at Coney Island (Coney Island), the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty sdetmi it demanded that the twins had legal guardian - it is then the brothers got to Theodore Yangeo (Teodor Yangeo), rich Filipino, traveled to the United States. From that moment, the boys began to learn - they have received an excellent education and began to study music and several kinds of sports, including swimming, tennis and golf.

The case is one in Manila (Manila), the hometown of their guardian Theodore, Lucio hit the driver`s head, causing him injury. He was sentenced to five days imprisonment, but the prison brothers never went - under the law put in jail any innocent Simplicio was wrong. In the end, Lucio has not been punished, and this event inspired the sisters Hilton (Hilton sisters) to create a movie called `Chained for Life`, in which one sister kills the other man, and both have to go to jail.

In 1928 the two brothers fell Godin - the subject of their interest in double steel and sisters Nativadad Quiz Matos (Natividad and Victorina Matos), also twins, but not fused. The sisters said mutual interest, and Lucio and Simplicio set out was to get married, but, as it happened at the time in the case of Siamese twins, they were refused - despite the fact that they were very different, they are still perceived as one person. On appeal, however, the decision was reversed, and all four went down the aisle.

They moved to the United States, where they began performing in vaudeville. By the way, Lucio and Simplicio were excellent dancers, and well played on roller skates, and two beautiful sisters, they added to their dance numbers.

It is known that the brothers aspired to independence and refused financial assistance to the receiving-millionaire father - they worked well in show business and were going to do to keep themselves and their two wives.

It would seem not, nothing prevented Godin brothers to live a long and happy life, but in 1936 in New York (New York City) Lucio pneumonia. During his illness Simplicio physically felt fine - he only complained that he had to spend days on end in bed. Doctors were convinced that Lucio`s disease is not fatal, but wrong - November 24, 1936, he died suddenly. Simplicio remaining stoically suffered the horror of those days - and an emergency operation to separate, which it was decided to carry out immediately, he took with optimism. So, Dr. Uertheym (Dr. EH Wertheim) have divided the dead Lucio and Simplicio live, and all the medical world triumphed a few days - it seems that the operation was successful. However, the joy was over very quickly - within 12 days, 8 December Simplicio died of spinal meningitis.