Lucia Lapiedra

Picture of Lucia Lapiedra

Date of Birth: 01/31/1981

Age: 35

Place of Birth: Madrid

Citizenship: Spain


Author: Christina Minasian

Website: Celebrities

Lucy Lapedra or Miriam Sanchez was born on January 31, 1981 in Madrid, Spain. She is one of the most hot and sexy Spanish porn actress. Many fans of the genre called her the "Queen of Porn".

Childhood Lucy Lapedra held under the strict control of her stepmother. His parents divorced when she was a baby. Lucy grew up an ordinary child, she studied diligently and even fond of exact sciences. As a teenager, she had never thought about the movie, and in particular about pornography.

In late 2004 Lucy Lapedra met with the director of pornographic films. He became interested in a young girl and was invited to appear in his video. At that moment, Lucy was the name of Sanchez. In order that would not "shine" your name aspiring actress took the pseudonym Lapedra.

Lucy began to actively removed. The directors were delighted with the talented, understanding and endurance actress. Many marveled intelligence and wit e that girl who could play a given scene in one take.

Movies with Lucy Lapedry (Luc & # 237; a Lapiedra) became very popular. And to the end of 2005, all of Europe was in awe of the lovely shapes and abilities of the girl.

After becoming popular and famous Lucy began to earn a lot of money. Luxury and extravagance led the actress to drugs. For a while she sat on cocaine, with the result that had to undergo a long rehabilitation.

In 2006, Lucy Lapedra appeared on Spanish television. She became a member of the show