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Date of Birth: 09/07/1978

Age: 38

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: Russia


Rich childhood

Love Tikhomirov was born September 7, 1978 in St. Petersburg. From a young age the girl was dancing. Still, being a pupil of the kindergarten, Luba was the soloist in the choreographic ensemble "Young Leningrad", speaking at various concert venues of St. Petersburg. The third class girl has been so successful that she was invited without examination in the Vaganova Choreographic School named. Perhaps she would have become a ballerina, if not the case. She recalls: "Once in the film" Anna Pavlova "saw dancers beaten on his legs. Probably, that`s right. But when I thought that I, too, would be beaten, desire to devote themselves to this profession was gone ... For me, the beauty and violence - are incompatible ... "

In addition to dance Lyuba showed good results in rhythmic gymnastics - she had a second adult category. However, all won the love of the stage. In the ten years it took the first adult decision in his life - and refused by rhythmic gymnastics, and from the choreographic school, enrolling in drama school House St. Petersburg pioneers. Soon, she made her debut on the stage - she played the role in the play Fruzhi "All mice love cheese."

The next five years were very busy in the life of Lyuba Tikhomirova. Classes in drama school, receipt of film school in 1991 "Shot" at the film studio "Lenfilm". However, she had time to speak in the ensemble of the Palace of Pioneers "Sunflowers" and "Kalinka", dancing almost everything: from classical and folk dancing to the Charleston and rap. Acting and dancing, dancing, and acting - they were in the life of a young Luba always together.

Way to actress

In 1993, in the theater life of St. Petersburg was a significant event - opened the first pilot Lyceum of Dramatic Art under the direction of N.I.Livshitsa. Luba Tikhomirov, who studied at that time in the ninth grade, having a huge competition, was enrolled in the thirty lucky. There aspiring actress took first-year program of theatrical institute, closely comes into contact with all the hardships of the profession. Regular rehearsal runs ...

In parallel, in 1994, Luba managed to still become champion of St. Petersburg Junior sports aerobics. And if we consider that Lyuba and school studied perfectly well, graduating with a gold medal, the only wonder of her amazing performance!

In 1995, Love Tikhomirov graduated from high school and Lyceum of Dramatic Art, the issue with the graduation performance of "Romeo and Juliet" and "A Profitable Post". In the same year she tries to go to LGITMiK. And this is the first failure. The same is expected of her in Moscow. Why? She herself answers this question as follows: "Do not be received, probably because it was too much energy in me. I so much seething! My energy would be enough for it to conquer the world! And it was necessary to calm down and her entire forward in one direction. Not only in LGITMiK I have not received. I went to Moscow and all reached the second round. I spoke everywhere about the same thing: "With the data and the preparation you have everything in order, but you need to wait for his time, his master, to get to the mine." "My matriculating in LGITMiK may be another explanation - adds Love Tikhomirov. - At the same time with me came a girl of the same type. I will not say who. And yet, I can tell. Alice Grebenshchikov. In general, we took Alice. "

The second attempt

Lyuba did not sit idly by. It is not in her nature. For a year she worked preparing for another assault - worked with the teachers speech prepared program. In addition, Love Tikhomirov settled in Plastic Drama Theatre, under the direction of A.Makeeva. There she played in productions of "Pinocchio" (Pinocchio) and "Snow Queen" (Little Rogue). She played so great - and the audience had not occurred, that the role of Pinocchio takes a boy, a girl of seventeen.

And here is another attempt. In 1996, Love Tikhomirov arrived in Moscow and successfully entered the Higher Theatre School. BV Shchukin on course to A.K.Grave. Began his student days ...

Already in the first year the young actress was invited to the theater im.Vahtangova to participate in the play "cylinder". The debut was a success, and before graduation Love Tikhomirov has played in several Vakhtangov performances: "Princess Turandot" (Zanni), "Chasing Two Hares" (nun and Hutoryanka), "The Queen of Spades" (a poor relative), "Lefty" (Bloch and Maid of honor).

Erotica? Why not ...

Lyubov Tikhomirova debut in the movie took place in films with erotic content:. "Features of Russian baths" and "Features bathhouse policy or Banja 2

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