Lubov Rudenko (soldatova)

Picture of Lubov Rudenko (soldatova)

Date of Birth: 10/22/1959

Age: 57

Citizenship: Russia



Love Rudenko - a representative of a large theatrical dynasty. Her mother Dina Soldatov was an actress of the Moscow theater comedy tour, Mykola Rudenko and his father played on the stage of Theatre of Comedy. Her aunt Irina Soldatov was also an actress. She played at the Theatre of the Soviet Army.

Like all actors children, a considerable amount of time spent Luba backstage of the theater, and not by hearsay knew acting cuisine. She grew gifted girl studying in a special school with in-depth study of French, she participated in school productions. In eight years, Luba first came to the set. The actor of the theater, where her mother worked, wrote the screenplay based on the novel Paustovsky "Basket with fir cones" and has entrusted Ljube major role.

Yet serious about acting profession girl for a long time did not reflect. In my dreams it was the barber, the architect, the singer, the doctor. Certainty only came in high school, when Ljuba firmly decided to enter the GITIS.


My mother was not happy with the choice of his daughter. Doubts about her abilities, she asked Vladimir Tarasenko (one of the teachers of GITIS) to listen to her daughter before the examination: whether or not to try to do it. He listened and the verdict: "It is necessary."

In GITIS Love Rudenko came the first time. She studied at the famous Andrey Aleksandrovich Goncharov. He taught her and Vladimir Tarasenko, who the actress is very grateful: "He did very good things are taught, when I read fiction - and had written material from the letters of the Soviet Communist Chilean youth in jails of dictators. In the end I sang the national anthem of the Chilean resistance