Lubov Polishuk

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Date of Birth: 05/21/1949

Age: 57

Place of birth: Omsk

Citizenship: Russia

Need to be strong

About the theater

- I`ve always wondered how an actor who broke his leg and could barely move in life, on stage suddenly begins to dance ... This is such a profession. At the time of the play you are always healthy. I could not go on stage only twice in my life. For the first time prevented a hypertensive crisis. From back pain (I had a very serious spinal injury) gave me the medicine, from which `rvanulo` upward pressure. But in the theater, I still came. Although I do not remember how to sit behind the wheel ... It was a performance Trushkina `There then zhe` Kostya Raikin. I even make up one eye, and then fainted. Soon came skoraya` `I` vporoli` something for ponizheniyadavleniya, and then I ... withholden language. He utters something completely unintelligible, `uh-byau-e`. The audience waited for another hour, but I was taken to the hospital.

Or play `Iskushenie` ... Three weeks before release, I got into a terrible accident. Apparently, so deeply he entered the way - there is after all too starts with a traffic accident. The premiere was played in `osheynike` - in the accident had a terrible displacement of the vertebrae, a concussion. `I could not bring rezkost` not understand where there is a partner. It took six months before I could play.

On the men

I never had the desire to make a man a slave. I curse our Soviet hypocritical education of emancipation, and for some of his actions as a young man, I just hate myself. Could the restaurant in style to pay for the entire table. In this case not even thought about the fact that this act of insulting men. And now ... Over the years, more and more want to submit, feel weak and defenseless ...

I had to be strong. I am convinced that a woman has to work a little and ohotku. But at the same time she worked as a horse. Frankly, life often beat me on the head. I had to drag a lot on his shoulders. Count me was no one - raised her son alone. I came to Moscow from his hometown of Omsk, got to the theater of miniatures, where it was necessary to prove to all and sundry that Polishchuk though provincial actress, but not as well as you, the capital. On the tour (there were 11 months of 12) went with a small Lesha. In the hotel room - endless clover-Malashka, grated vegetables, diapers ... And then it was necessary to flutter gracefully on stage. Well, from here take a carefree, when you and your child`s father and mother ?!

Only after meeting with her current husband, the artist Sergey Tsigal, I realized what being a real woman. Since she got married, sly `vydavlivayu` of man himself. It turns out that I can be a model wife: sit at home, I sew, knit ...

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