Lubov Malinovskay

Picture of Lubov Malinovskay

Date of Birth: 07/31/1921

Age: 87

Birth Place: Orenburg

Citizenship: Russia


Winner of awards festivals "Constellation" and "Baltic Pearl (for her role in" Flowers of Marigold "film)

Start career

Way Love Malinovskaya in the movie was long and difficult. From the second degree she went to the front as a volunteer, then worked as a turner at the factory, survived the blockade.

In 1947, Love Malinovskaya graduated from the VGIK Boris Babochkin studio and began working in the Moscow theater studio. The first time the actress, not having their own homes, had to sleep on the windowsill in the theater, then shoot angle. Somehow, went to Leningrad on vacation, Malinovskaya Love unexpectedly got married, had a daughter and stayed in the northern capital forever, becoming a stage actress Leningrad.


In the movie Love Malinovskaya started acting since 1955. Her debut was a role in the melodrama Pelagia Michael Schweitzer, "Someone Else`s kin". For four decades, the actress appeared in more than one hundred and fifty films. With equal success, she played in a variety of genres: melodrama ( "My dear man," "Honeymoon") and geroicheskihkartinah ( "Life in Your Hands"), religious dramas ( "Anathema", "I love you, life") and comedies ( "Foreigner", "Jack Vosmerkin - American").

Vivid images were created by an actress in a musical drama "Katerina Ismailova" (old katorzhnitsa), military kinoromane "Black Birch" (Alekceiha) melodrama "Russian field" (Antonina).

In 1998, Love Malinovskaya played the role of an old widow in a tragicomedy Sergei Snezhkin "Flowers of Marigold." Immediately after okonchaniyasemok actress waylaid trouble: it is hit by a car and suffered multiple fractures. His large and complex role she had to sound in between operations. The work was highly appreciated by actress - Love Malinovskaya received awards at prestigious film festivals "Constellation" and "Baltic Pearl".

In 2002, Putin Malinovskaya President`s decree was awarded the title "People`s Artist of Russia".

He died on May 18, 2009 in St. Petersburg.