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Allen, in the past participated in the racing series Winston Cup and Busch Series NASCAR association. However, his best result in the race he showed ARCA series, including a win at the track Atlanta Motor Speedway in 1992-m and two second places in a race in Talladega (Talladega) and Daytona (Daytona) in 1993.

Loy Allen Jr.. born April 7, 1966 in Raleigh, North Carolina (Raleigh, North Carolina). He made his debut on the race track Daytona International Speedway in July of 1993. Sitting behind the wheel of his father ` Forda`, which belonged to the team ` Robert Yates Racing`,Allen started 40th and finished the race 29th. He then spent three more races for the team of his father in 1993, achieving at the moment his best result when finishing 26th at Talladega.

In 1994, Allen received a sponsorship restaurant chain `Hooters`, to race in the team ` Tri-Star`. He won the poul-position on the basis of qualifications in the opening rally of the season `Daytona 500`, becoming the first rookie, who managed to do. In this race Loy finished 22nd. He also got pole position in Atlanta (Atlanta) and Michigan (Michigan). However, his team was forced to miss the twelve rounds because of the limited budget.Allen has shown good results in Charlotte (Charlotte), occupying the eleventh place, and twice entered the top twenty. At this stage in his career racer protocol was seven DNF (did not finish) .

In 1995, Allen was a member of eleven racing when torn between the teams `Junior Johnson Motorsports` and ` Tri-Star`. He was hired ,to ` osedlat` newcomer ` Hooters Ford`, but later his nomination was withdrawn, and Allen returned to the team `Tri-Star`, to participate in the remaining seven races. In the first of seven races in Talladega, he started second and finished in tenth place, the only time in his career hitting in the top ten. Despite the modest results ,Loy continued to race, but less intensively.

After undergoing a neck injury at Rockingham Speedway track at the beginning of 1996, Allen was not able to develop their careers, which is why for some time, has virtually disappeared from sight. He still managed to return to the team in the race at Pocono (Pocono), where Allen finished 23rd. Then he started another six races in 1996, where his best result was a 21th place in Talladega.

In 1997, Allen twice represented the command `Tri-Star`, participating in the first two races at Daytona and near Rockingham (Rockingham). He finished 26th and 43rd, respectively. After Allen`s command `Tri-Star` was taken by Gary Bradbury (Gary Bradberry).

In his latest track, he came in 1999, when he was qualified for two of the four races for the team `SBIII Motorsports`. Later, his place was taken by Hatu Striklinu (Hut Stricklin). After several futile attempts to break into the Allen race, he retired. Allen throughout his career are periodically performed at Busch Series races. Sitting behind the wheel of `Chevrolet` during Charlotte Motor Speedway race in May 1995, Allen started 21 th, but an accident on lap 27, sadly affect the outcome of arrival, and he finished only 43 - m, the penultimate.

In 1998-m Allen last raced Busch Series series. His `Chevy`, provided by a network of restaurants ` Church`s Chicken`, in Talladega drove the seventh, which was the best of Allen finish in its history with NASCAR. But in his most recent race within the Busch Series, Dover (Dover), was the last racer, being able to complete only 18 laps

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