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At the beginning of 1965 in America tend ball " British Invasion. " Correct this situation tried two rocker.

Long Island Steve Boone (bass, vocals) and Joe Butler (drums, vocals) teamed up with two Volker from Greenwich Village, John Sebastian (guitar, vocals ,harmonica) and Janowski Hall (guitar) . The last two were members of the "Mugwumps", where he also played the future participants of "Mamas and papas". The four musicians formed a band "Lovin` spoonful", would manage to give a series of hits and worthy to take its place among the top teams ` 60s. Produce team took Phil Spector ,signed her to the label "Kama Sutra".

Taking the best moments from folk, rock and roll, and adding a little country, the ensemble has presented to listeners such unforgettable things like "Do you believe in magic", "Daydream", "You didn`t have to be so nice", "Nashville cats " You and a hot July summer " summer in the city ".The last song was the most fitting response " British invasion ", taking first place in the United States and the eighth - in England.

In the four years of its activity "Lovin` spoonful" released five albums. Besides the pen belonged to two musicians soundtrack - the movie Woody Allen "Whats up tigerlily" and "You are a big boy now" Francis Coppola. During his career, the group almost did not know rest, constantly being on tour. Especially popular among the youth ensemble enjoyed, as most concerts held in tineydzherskih camps. But not everything went smoothly. In 1967, of the "Lovin` spoonful" Hall left Janowski, who decided to go solo career. The vacant place was taken by Jerry Yester, a former member of "Modern folk quartet" and the "Association" producer.

Ensemble has recorded an ambitious album "Everything playing" with him. The album had a much less successful than its predecessors, although some songs ("Darlin` be home soon", "Six O-clock", "She`s still a mystery to me", "Boredom","Money") present in the US and European charts.

Interest in the team gradually began to fade. This contributed to the scandal with the arrest of Boone and Janowski, whom Californian authorities accused of possessing marijuana. In June 1968, on a solo career drew John Sebastian, and he left the ranks of the "Lovin` spoonful".Leadership took over Butler, and under his leadership, the remaining trio still managed to record their latest hit single "Never goin` back", invited as guitarist sessionschika Reda Rhodes. And in 1969, the group was disbanded, and its members scattered in different directions. The most successful has developed a career of John Sebastian ,who performed at the legendary Woodstock festival.

However, the story "Lovin` spoonful" was not completed. In 1991, Joe and Steve decided to revive their group. They caught up with Jerry, and he gladly supported this idea. Rehearse a couple of months, the musicians came in the form and hit the big tour to conquer a new audience. Since then, the team regularly appeared in public, and its structure was modified slightly.

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