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"Love" is one of the best bands of the US West Coast, executable psychedelic folk-rock. In addition, it was the first team of such a plan, acquire themselves a cult reputation in the underground environment. During his short career, the team managed to create their own sound, are mixed in the spirit of folk "Byrds", hardovy sound type "Stones",blues, jazz, flamenco and light orchestral pop.

Headed "Love" a talented songwriter and singer Arthur Lee. Oddly enough, but the musicians for a long time refused to tour, although in his native Los Angeles, they were considered stars. This circumstance does not allow them to make any your album or even a single hit.The team was founded in the mid- 60s, when Arthur was 20 years old.

By that time he already had two years of experience in various rock and soul projects. In addition to composing songs for his group, he wrote one thing and produced a single for Rosa Lee Brooks, which then was a session guitarist Hendrix. His new band initially named Arthur "Grass roots", but it soon turned out that the team with the same name already exists, and he had to change the sign to "Love".

The lion`s share of the material for the band himself wrote Lee, and only slightly helped him in this matter guitarist Brian McLean. First they drew inspiration from the " British invasion " and work " The Byrds ". Soon, the team signed a contract with "Elektra", the famous label specializing in folk. "Love" debut album appeared in 1966. Although the material was largely original, it looked like a cross between "Byrds" and "Stones".The most popular song from this CD was the "My Little Red Book". By the time the second plate number of members of the group had grown to seven people. "Da Capo", released in 1967, contained a unique composition of the group, which was able to break into the US Top 40, " 7 and 7 Is".The first side of the plate has been packed full of psychedelia with jazz structures additives, Spanish guitar interludes and passages dreamy baroque. The second side is a solid dzhemovanie for 20 minutes. In general, the disc turned out pretty interesting, it attracted "Love" of many fans.

However, by mid- 1967-of the group began confusion and vacillation, it occurs mainly due to excessive use of drugs. Looking at this situation, "Elektra" at the sessions of the third album, Lee tried to replace, and then sessionschikami McLean, but they have rebelled and have registered their own party. As a result, it was born one of the best records in the history of rockmusic, "Forever Changes". In the States, it is true, has not received due recognition, but it was very well received in England and the critics continue to admire her to this day. And all would be good, but Lee took it into his head to disperse almost the entire composition. The rest of the story "Love" can be attributed to the history of Arthur Lee and his team support. Albums are not as bright as the first three, and the popularity of "Love" has dropped substantially.

Attempts to revive the original composition of the group was made in 1974, when they recorded "Reel to Real". After that, Li worked mostly solo.

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