Louise Brown

Picture of Louise Brown

Date of birth: 25.07.1978

Age: 38

Citizenship: United States

The first child of the tubes

Now Louise Brown 37 years. At first glance, it absolutely is no different from any other British women of the same age; in fact, however, Brown is very, very unusual person. Singularity is primarily in the circumstances in which Brown was born - the fact that Louise was the result of the world`s first successful operation of in vitro fertilization.

The birth of Louise Brown, once caused a lot of noise; Religious leaders of every persuasion are actively opposed to such intervention in natural processes. People seriously feared the birth of `frankendetey` expecting from artificial procedures some quite unnatural results. Lesley and John Brown, however, is not afraid of pressure from the side - and their success paved the way for millions who want to conceive extracorporeally. Now and Lesley and John are dead; procedure that they once tried, but has not lost its relevance today.

July 25, Louise Brown, was 37 years old. Soon it will be published autobiographical work `My life as the world`s first baby of probirki` ( `My Life As The World`s First Test Tube Baby`). In this book you will learn many interesting things about the life of an unusual child and the difficulties that it brought Louise custom status.

As Louise says, her parents after the birth of the child had to deal with a number of rather unpleasant manifestations of fear of others; so Leslie Brown got the whole bag was a nasty email. Letters of hatred, threatening notes, stained with blood epistles, broken test tubes, and even plastic embryos - these are just a small part of the correspondence, which Brown got in those days. A technological breakthrough, whom the operation was at the time, caused many interesting, some - active and friendly curiosity, and some - a frank aggression. Someone unknown, for example, not too lazy to send Brown openly mocking homemade `pamyatku` with questions and answers for dealing with` probirki` of children. Discreet charm of these tips - which included a recommendation to keep the child in a tank or cistern - gave clearance letters as a whole - in a special little box-like container for jewelry, blood-red liquid was poured. This also has invested considerably stained with blood on the test-tube `guarantee rebenka`. Weirdly, it looked not only because of the blood and unpleasant tips - Brown was well aware that spend so much time and effort to create such a strange insult could a man, obviously not quite healthy mentally. For a while, Leslie seriously feared for his own well-being and for the safety of her child - and going out for a walk, trying to act with maximum caution and circumspection.

However, Leslie Browne received ibolee pleasant letters; she had her fans and friends a new, highly of the courage of women. It is easy to assume, in the list of its respondents had a lot of women, their children are unable to start. Women from Christchurch, New Zealand (Christchurch, New Zealand), told Brown about his unsuccessful operations, or to nothing leading medical procedure and a desperate dream of becoming a mother. Spekmen Heather (Heather Spackman) of Australia, in his letter addressed to anticipate Browns flow aggression and criticism and hoped his letter, at least partially neutralize the overall aggression. Through the efforts of Leslie and her husband in these women a new chance to the unexpected; Of course, not all of them could count on a speedy addition to the family, but to the present moment the number of successful operations carried out by the ECO is already of the order of 6 million. Leslie became the first `udachnoy` IVF patient founders Patrick Steptoe (Patrick Steptoe) and Robert Edwards (Robert Edwards). The clinic, which was `sozdana` Louise Brown - Bourn Hall in Cambridgeshire (Cambridgeshire) - operates to this day; working with the University of Cambridge (University of Cambridge) and `Wellcome Trust Sanger Centre`, they continue to actively develop the scientific foundations and principles of IVF. Robert Edwards for his achievements in the field of development of methods of IVF was subsequently awarded the very prestigious awards - in the 2010th received the Nobel scientist premiyupo medicine. By the way, it should be noted that, technically, the term `child from probirki` relation to Louise Brown is incorrect - artificial insemination was carried out not in a test tube, but in a petri dish.

The question of creating life partially artificial means - not only the dilemma of moral persuasion, associated with the family of Brown. John and Lesley were well aware that they offer an experimental procedure, but one consequence of this the doctors they have not explained - Browns did not know that yet, no such procedure was not crowned with the advent of the child. Later this kind of information hiding has become a topic of serious discussion of the concept of informed consent.

Louise was the first but not the last child of Leslie and John Brown; 4 years later, the family was one more addition. Like Louise, the second child - Natalie Brown (Natalie Brown) - was conceived via IVF; Natalie has already become the 40th best result of this operation. In May 1999th Natalie was born own child, daughter Casey (Casey); she was the first child of `EKO` who was able to turn a baby is quite a natural way. Later, Natalie Brown, was born three more children; the last of them was born in August 2013.

John Brown died in the 2006th. Leslie Browne died on June the 6th of 2012 from complications after a gall bladder infection. At the time of the death of the mother of the first child of `probirki` was 68 years old.

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