Louise Bourgoin

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Date of birth: 28.11.1981

Age: 34

Citizenship: France


Author: Jean millet

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Louise Russian audience has not seen the film "The Girl from Monaco". Could you say a few words about it?

-This Is the story of a brilliant lawyer Bertrand, who comes to Monaco to defend a very rich woman who had killed her young lover. There he meets my heroine Audrey, a very loose, emotional and sexual girl. It is not like all of his friends, she is from completely different social circle, with his outlook on life and moral standards.

In the process of communication with Audrey Bertrand alive. With it, he gets a second youth, he`s just crazy about her. Most of them are built on sex. For Audrey sex - is a way to meet and say "hello." For Bertrand sex means much more, it is something equivalent spiritual closeness to him. The story weaves another character - Christophe Bertrand`s bodyguard, with whom Audrey had once had a relationship for a long time. As a result, formed a love triangle, where Bertrand jealous Audrey to Christophe Christophe jealous of her to Bertrand and Audrey seems that friends Bertrand and Christophe spend too much time together.

This is your debut in the cinema. For you were shooting the film adventure?

- Yes, this is my first job in the movie, since I have always had more important theater. Anne Fontaine has given me the opportunity to try their hand at a movie, for which I am very grateful to her. It`s great that we spent a lot of time with her before filming. It gave me a lot for my future growth. We met with her for 6 months, once a week.

Tell us about Anne Fontaine. How did you meet her?

- Oh, it`s Fabrice Luchini, he saw me on TV and pay attention to me, Anne Fontaine.

Fabrice Luchini - a very well-known and experienced actor (familiar to Russian audiences for the painting "Paris", "Moliere", as well as Claude Lelouch film "All about it"). He helped you on set? I give any advice?

- He`s a great man and a great actor, and he has an amazing way of working. In general, it works a lot. Start preparing for the role for three months before we started shooting. Do not sleep at night, repeating his text, get used to the image, trying to feel his character, he needs to understand all the details and midtones.

On the set, he knew everything, and was perfectly willing, sometimes even seemed that the words themselves flew out of his mouth. It seemed that his character does not speak, but he himself. But in scenes requiring special emotional impact, he taught the text of a minute before we started shooting to the first impulse to express the same emotion. On this occasion, he once said: "The more a word is repeated, the less its value"

And as you have been preparing for the role?

- I tried for a long time to collect image of your character, and Anne Fontaine really helped me in this. I always got out of her questions, I wanted to ask her what my character feels, what lives, what she was thinking, trying to find the key to her past. But at the same time in my mind I was his own idea of ??her character. On contrasting these two images and built my character, just so I could collect it, to build a psychological profile, and only passed through himself, presenting himself in her place, I was able to understand her thoughts, her aspirations, her lifestyle.

Can we say that Audrey - it is you, because you have a great many points of contact with your character?

- No, on the contrary, we are with Audrey very different. She should seek in life. And on its way to the goal a little that will stop. I, fortunately, was lucky, I can engage in film and TV, and for that I do not need "to go to someone else`s bed." Moreover, there is a huge difference: we had belong to two completely different social circles. In addition, Audrey is almost no education, I studied another 5 years after the passage of the LHC (the baccalaureate exam). Generally it is a very difficult question.

We are both very complex nature, consisting of a large number of contradictions. But I think the general can be found on an emotional level. I also always go to the end and if decided, I will stand my ground until victory.

Audrey - a very interesting character. She is free, she did not know the taboos, shame and embarrassment, and thanks to such displays of nature it can be called a symbol of our age, but it is wonderfully rhymed with the era of the 60s. I think Audrey is very close to the heroines of the Bardo. It seems every day does the sexual revolution. This is great because many people are afraid to go beyond, and Audrey is ready to make anything you want, and she does not care what they thought of it.

- This is a very fine podmecheno.Odri - a Don Juan in a skirt. She male attitude towards relations and seksu.Ya admire men who are able to be with her, they seemed to accept this challenge. But there is a paradox: when a man during life has a lot of women - is admirable, but in the case of women, it causes mistrust, and some glances, but Audrey do not care. It behaves like a real man. It is like a predator pounces on this lawyer. And as a result, both the lawyer and his bodyguard lost. They do not expect such pressure, from such a fragile girl to mind.

Do you think that love and sex - different things that have no relation to each other?

- Unfortunately, these are two completely different things.

I think that after this film you can become a real sex symbol of our times. Are you afraid of this heavy burden?

- No, you! (Laughs)

My colleagues and I had a long argument and came to the conclusion that you can call the new Bardot. It`s difficult, because for most men Bardo - ideal woman, and compared with it not everyone can. But I think that you have everything you need to survive with dignity, such a comparison.

-No, You seem to me that Bardo is much prettier than me.

No, do not be shy.

- Stop. That`s funny, Anne Fontaine, just wanted me to remind viewers Bardot at plastics gestures. There`s a scene where I`m dancing. I am a long time looked like dancing Bardot, and it seems I have been able to repeat her mambo from the film by Roger Vadim`s "And God Created Woman", even when I was in the initial stage of the film`m Forecast, my hair hairdo imitates Bardot.

Who do you think the ideal woman?

- Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe? I think it loses in comparison with the same Bardot, which has a true French charm and glamorous shamelessness, which Monroe is simply nothing to oppose.

- I disagree with you. In Monroe`s charm and charisma of this woman, and at the Bardo interested in some infantile notes, this game Lolita.

I love Bardo I like films with her participation, I think it is very beautiful, but Monroe is a tragedy, a certain feeling of being lost, among other things, she was a very intelligent woman, and she has an amazing style of play. It manages to be both beautiful and funny. For me it`s really frustrating.

We are talking about such a femme fatale. And your heroine Audrey - one of them. It easily manipulates men, moving them like pieces on a chessboard. Due to what she do it? How so it has, why men lose their heads and can not resist?

- There are a dual situation. Considering my character in the context of a love triangle between me, Fabrice Luchini and Roshdy Zema, the situation is very similar to the scales. If at first he manipulates Audrey Bertrand and Christophe takes it with great suspicion, then as the story progresses, everything changes: Bertrand acquires self-confidence and inner strength, and vice versa Christophe begin gnawing doubt. And all of this -this sexual drive, which simply breathes Audrey.

Tell us about Roshdy Zema, who played Christophe.

Oh, Roshdy just wonderful! We were constantly joking on the set, and it ochensilno contrast to his character. Actually, I believe that the role of Christophe - this is a great find for our film. This kind of character has its own separate history with all its past, present and future. He is very laconic, and in the imagination of the viewer it is an antagonist of the hero Fabrice Luchini. But in the film, they become friends and complement each other. Given that he had previously had a relationship with Audrey, there`s really very interesting to see how he looks at the development of relations between Audrey and Bertrand.

And for you who are more attractive?

- I can not answer this question, they are complementary. My man is somewhere in the middle, absorbing the qualities of both.

Could you fall in love with his partner in the film?

- I am a newcomer, it was hard to separate, where reality and where the film. Really love can help, but with me so far has not happened.

Your character - a leading weather forecasting, and you are known to be driving a forecast canal. Did it help you?

- Actually, it`s not my notion, it was originally in the script. I was categorically against. And I did not want to see in the film is the same as what I see in my real life. And I hypothetically wanted to change something, so she has been leading some newsreel programs about cars, or astrology, but Anne insisted.

There is a strange thing, we have in Russia leading usually very beautiful, but with the cold beauty, and you are on the contrary, very lively, emotional, constantly joking. In France, several such, or is your highlight?

- I started with what I was doing sketches, I myself wrote their texts and control the process inside and out. And I was surprised in a movie that I was not the creator, but was merely a tool in the hands of Anne Fontaine. Moreover, I do not want to focus on their physical qualities.

Let`s digress a bit from the movie. Tell that of Russian culture you close. Who do you like from Russian authors?

- I love Nabokov.

And Tolstoy, Dostoevsky?

- I know them, and I love, but I think that is not fully familiar with their creativity.

If you have been offered to play Anna Karenina, it would be interesting to you?

- Yes, definitely.

If someone from the Russian directors would suggest you to play in his film, would you agree?

- Yes with pleasure. If we talk about the Russian director is my favorite among them is Mikhail Kalatozov, he is a genius, I love it. I particularly like one of his films, but I do not know what it is called in Russian. (Laughs)

- "Cranes are Flying".

- Oh, for sure!

I know that you are fond of contemporary art and curated exhibitions for sanal. Do you know any of the contemporary Russian artists, and how you relate to them?

- I like to work, where two policemen hugging in snow (work of art group "Blue Noses"). Actually, I take a great interest in Russian art, but can not remember names. It`s delicious, the white snow, these contrasts. I heard that this work has been banned in Russia.

You are very fond of creativity of the artist Paul Klee, is a strange choice for a young girl.

- Yes, but you are not quite right. I admire him, but you have not correctly understood. I do not know whether there is in Russia, but we have on the channel after the TV is so abstract reasoning, and just where I mentioned it. I was fond of him, when I was in art school. Very funny, when I began to work in television, I found a cartoon, called "Portrait of Paul Klee," I really liked it. But actually, my favorite artist - Louise Bourgeois. On television, I took the pseudonym Louise in part of this great artist. Wordplay - my name is Louise Bourgoin and her - Louise Bourgeois.

And finally. I think that beauty - a powerful weapon, and you are very skilled at using them. What would you advise women who are not aware that they have?

- The main thing that the woman knew that she would be beautiful and give yourself plenty of time. And then the Prince, and all the happiness will follow.