Louis Botha

Picture of Louis Botha

Date of Birth: 09/27/1862

Age: 56

Place of birth: Greytown

Nationality: South Africa


Louis Botha - South African military and political leaders. Born in Natal September 27, 1862. In 1869 his family settled in the Orange Free State. At the age of 22 years old Botha moved to Zululand, where he participated in the creation of the new republican government. In 1886 he became an officer in Swaziland, and later worked in the Legislative Assembly of the Transvaal. During the Boer War (1899-1902) commanded the Boer army at Ladysmith. Having defeated the British troops in Colenso and Spion Kop, he delayed the promotion of forces under the command of Roberts to Pretoria. In 1900 Botha was appointed commander of the Boer forces and organized a successful guerrilla war. He was the head of the Boer delegation at the talks, which ended Ferinihingskim peace agreement in May 1902.

In February 1907 Botha became the first Prime Minister of the Transvaal after Britain granted the colony the right to form their own government. Boers defeated were set peacefully, which allowed him to pursue a policy of cooperation and reconciliation. Willingness to compromise moderation Bothe provided broad support among the Boers and the British. He was one of the leaders, who proposed the union of four Boer colonies into a single country, South Africa, and the Transvaal led a delegation to the Union convention, 1908-1909. Botha was the first Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa in May 1910 and the end of life (1919). He hoped that his policy of reconciliation prepare conditions for the unification of the British and Dutch in a single white South African nation.

With the support of the South African Party, which consisted mainly of Dutch, Botha has successfully coped with several difficult and dangerous for the country`s problems, including immigration from India and the uprising of white miners in Vitvatesrande in July 1913. During the First World War, he suppressed the uprising 12 thousand . Boers under General Christian de Wet, who was against the Union of South Africa in the coming war. In 1915 he participated in the conquest of German South West Africa. In 1919, together with General Smuts represented the Union of South Africa at the Versailles Peace Conference. Botha died in Rasthofe (Transvaal) August 27, 1919.