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Company `Bridals by Lori` Allen founded in Atlanta (Atlanta) in 1980 ;since its creation became the largest boutique wedding dresses throughout Atlanta.

In America, a lot of wedding managers, specialists in the design of wedding dresses and other specialists to service the marriage ceremony ; for the most part, they are not inclined particularly appreciated the talents of its competitors. There are, however ,this rule is one exception - Lori Allen is considered one of the main specialists in wedding dresses throughout the country.

Company `Bridals by Lori` Allen founded in Atlanta (Atlanta) in 1980 ; since its creation became the largest boutique wedding dresses throughout Atlanta. Interesting,that has opened his own business, Allen just 3 weeks after graduation - Laurie studied at Columbia College (Columbia College), specializing in entrepreneurship ; over time, a relatively small institution grew into a three-storey shopping center with a total floor area of 2,300 square meters. Of course,to achieve such impressive growth, Allen could not at once - so referred to the room she had bought only in 2000.

Almost immediately after the opening of the first store Lori Allen became a recognized authority and expert fashion - especially on matters one way or another associated with wedding dresses. By the opinion of Allen listened ,her interviews are often published in various newspapers and shown on a large television show. Several times Lori even invited to the jury of major fashion contests and competitions. Needless to say, in the pages of fashion magazines specialized wedding wing Allen pyavlyalas punctually.

In 2009, the daughter of Laurie Allen, Molly (Mollie),He was the star of the television show `Platinum Weddings`; as part of the show is regularly overlooked wedding eminent persons - and even wedding of the daughter of one of the most renowned specialists in wedding fashion in the world to miss, they just could not. Of course, considerable attention was paid to the program and Lori. The manager at the wedding was the Monty Durham (Monte Durham) - later had been appointed co-host of the television project itself Lori Allen.

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the opening of the first store `Bridals by Lori` Allen and her store have chosen as the scene of the next edition of the show ` Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta`.

In 2011 ,`Say Yes to the Dress` again turned their attention to Laurie ; This time Allen took part in the creation of ` svadebnogo` special issue of the project.

October 26, 2012 th Laurie became the main character of the special project `Say Yes to the Cure: Lori`s Fight`.The central theme of the program to the wedding ceremony and a white dress had nothing to do - the show tells the story of Allen struggled with cancer. About his illness Laurie learned quite early ; Allen regularly held mammogram, but this year nearly missed another examination izthe extremely busy schedule. Sad diagnosis Laurie learned on the phone - just as her husband was carrying (also suffering from cancer) in the hospital. After the announcement of the diagnosis Allen contacted the representatives of Kaala TLC, proposing to make a kind of show of her healing process. The camera follows the Allen during the first three days after the verdict she dreaded ; later to the plot of the story of Laurie added another cancer patient, Deliz Range (DeLese Range). His sister in misfortune, Allen decided to support the process for her the most simple - to give her incredibly stylish and elegant wedding.Combating cancer in most Allen, meanwhile, proceeded fairly rapidly - a woman has gone through the removal of a breast tumor, amputation of both breasts and a series of complex operations, a reductive sense.

June 5th program `Say Yes to the Cure: Lori`s Fight` awarded ` Realscreen` nomination ` Best Program of zdorove`

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