Lorenzo Gilyard

Picture of Lorenzo Gilyard

Date of Birth: 05/24/1950

Age: 66

Citizenship: United States

Killer 13 women

Gilyard Lorenzo (Lorenzo Jerome Gilyard, Jr.) - American serial killer, kept at bay residents of Missouri (Missouri) over the 1977-1993 biennium. On account of the killer - 13 raped and murdered women and girls.

Gilyard out its terrible hunt for 16 years, after which the female body found in parks, on the streets, in homes and car parks.

By the way, before the series of crimes Lorenzo has come to the attention of police, in connection with the rape, it was in the period from 1969 failed to gather to 1974, but the evidence of the crimes.

It is known that Lorenzo Gilyard, born in 1950, going on to put it mildly, not the most prosperous of the family. His father, also Gilyard Lorenzo (Lorenzo Gilyard), was convicted of rape in 1970. Brother, Daryl E. (Darryl E.), sits behind bars for drug deals and murder in 1989, without the right to parole. Lorenzo`s sister, Patricia D. Dixon (Patricia D. Dixon), a prostitute by occupation, was imprisoned in 1983 for the murder of customers. Such is the pedigree Gilyarda Lorenzo, who is also in adolescence have been beaten and intimidated women.

It is noteworthy that all (except possibly one) of the criminal victims were prostitutes. They were all found within the Kansas City, Missouri (Kansas City, Missouri).

Suspicion fell on Gilyarda in 1987, after the murder of Sheila Ingold (Sheila Ingold). Later, the laboratory analysis of DNA research in all 13 episodes of the crime unequivocally pointed to Lorenzo. However, he Gilyard his involvement in the murder is completely denied: `If I wanted to have sex with a prostitute, I would have just paid for it - why would I rape and kill`?. And the question of whether he had previously been acquainted with the dead women, he said, `Do not pomnyu`.

It is known that a short while Lorenzo lived with Jackie Harris (Jackie Harris) to Los Angeles (Los Angeles), and they were married in Las Vegas (Las Vegas, Nevada) in May 1991. By the way, the police attempt to link Gilyarda with such victims in those areas have not led to success.

In June 2006, the detainee Gilyardu presented the final charge, and the case was sent to court.

Condemned Lorenzo Gilyarda 7 aggravated murder 1st degree - 2 of which were committed in 1986 and 5 others - in 1987. The main evidence prosecutors built based on the results of detailed studies of DNA. It is known that all to one women offender raped.

Lorenzo Gilyard was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.