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B1981- year, after the collapse of THE WANDERERS, the group leader Steve Beytors (Stiv Bators) assembles a new team. From the last group remains Treganna Dave (Dave Treganna), they come Brian James (Brian James) and Skebis Rat (Rat Scabies, ex-DAMNED, CHELSEA).Initially, a group called THE DAMNED DEAD SHAM BAND (combining the names of the previous groups of participants - Steve Beytors in the late `70s was DEAD BOYS leader, a Dave Treganna played SHAM 69) , but after a single concert in London changed drummer Nick Turner (Nick turner ex-BARRACUDAS), and along with the name to THE LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH,combining sound in his various influences - Iggy Pop & Stooges, early psychedelic symbolism, the freshness of the American " garage " rock the 60`s " Lords " have offered a way forward " ultratemperamentnogo punk undying bit of rhythm and rock `n` roll. "In a short time LORDS with its penchant for black magic and dark demonic image became a cult band. Their desire for socio - critical statements allowed to consider himself a political group with a tight, energetic punk music of the `70s, multiplied by the apocalypse 80s. Hard songs composed by the author tandem Beytors Jamesclear guitar structures and painful eerie vocals made their debut self-titled debut longpley quite a success. The group took punks and metal, and fans of psychedelic tricks, especially for their stage performance, excellent served as a grand ritual and uncompromising. Such things as "New Church","Russian Roulette" and "Open Your Eyes" carrying a powerful charge of energy grim. Released in 1983, the second album "Is Nothing Sacred?" also contains a very good material, such as "Dance With Me", "Black Girl / White Girl", but very sleek sound that they made a new producer,commonly known in their circles of Todd Rundgren (Todd Rundgren, UTOPIA), led to the fact that the second disk is not secured the success of the debut. Gone fierce, rebellious charisma peculiar to the group. Criticism acted. The next album "The Method Of Our Madness", released in 1984, again has placed everything in its place ,becoming the most popular disk group. The producer of this time became known in Chris Tsangarides metal circles. The energetic vocals, heavy guitars and such hits as "Murder Style", the same name "Method Of Our Madness" and the gorgeous ballad "When Blood Runs Cold" did their job - the disc went on "hurray ".

But, despite this, or maybe " thanks "as early as next year, the band stops its activities. It was only four years should be an official statement about the disintegration of the group. In 1986, on the "major " label I.R.S. Records out "Killer Lords" - the collection, which includes not only the best tracks from the band`s albums, but " hysterical - nasty " version of the hit Madonna`s "Like A Virgin",other Beytorsa -produced by Michael Monroe (Michael Monroe, ex-HANOI ROCKS), a well cover CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL "Hey Tonight", made in a powerful, furious manner. In 1988, as the I.R.S. Records, and released the first official live album "Live At The Spin",where speech writing team entered the first American tour in 1982.

After the collapse of the group Steve Beytors continued his solo career. His first solo album, "Disconnected" was released in 1980. The second album, Steve started recording in Paris under the patronage of the firm Bondage Records. At this time we helped him drummer Steven Ritchie (Stephen Richie), guitarist Neal Ex (Neal X, ex-SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK), bassist Tony James (Tony James, ex-GENERATION X, SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK) and guitarist Chris Dollimor (Kris Dollimore, ex-GODFATHER). Initially we planned to write two or three things, but in the process it was decided to continue -I enjoyed it so much the musicians work together. But, unfortunately, these plans did not come true. In June 1990, in broad daylight, on a Paris street Beytors Steve was hit by a car, and some time later died in hospital. Only in 1996, the company Bondage Records released the album "The Last Race",which includes eight songs from the last studio session.

In 2001, James and Treganna group revived with new musicians : vocalist Steven Mark (Stephen Marque), guitarist Jez Miller (Jez Miller) and drummer Ozzie (Ozzie). Rejuvenated LORDS plan to start recording a new studio album.

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