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Place of birth : Los Angeles, USA

Citizenship : United States

BiographyEvery year a dozen or formed new groups - some of them disappear just as quickly as it appears, some time to get their 15 minutes of fame and sink into oblivion, and only the units destined to become the leaders of the scene in which the audience is focused and the other teams. One of the leaders of the modern gothic rock scene is London After Midnight.

The success they have been ordained in the beginning of the career, back in 1991, when their demo cassette, which includes a total of 4 tracks, instantly became one of the most -selling records for the next 2 years, and the other teams, performing with them on stage, actually turned in their clones. Today critics are not afraid to put them on a level with monsters alternative rock scene, in spite of the meager discography (by 2003 - 3 albums, one of which, "Oddities" is actually a collection of live recordings and unreleased) . But, as the saying goes, small spool but precious : all these albums deserve attention as fans of " dark scene "and fans simply emotional and quality of rock.

The band`s history begins in 1990, in Los Angeles. An emigrant from Great Britain, Sean Brennan (Sean Brennan) has started to do what is best able to childhood - to write and play music with the support of their comrades - Arekletta Michael (Michael Areklett) as a bass-guitarist and keyboardist Tamlyn (Tamlyn) (later to be joined by guitarist Edward Hawkins and drummer Joe S). Taking the name of the currently silent film 20s, and quite shocking "gothic" stage image, the band began their performance at a local club Helter Skelter. Despite the small variety of repertoire ,They immediately became the center of attention of the audience and other rock bands. Inspired by post- punk of the early 80 `s and stars such as David Bowie, The Doors, T-Rex, they played music differs from the des - rock scene, on which was their debut. Active, hit the gothic rock ,moderately spiced with electronics combined with the charm of Sean Brennan concerts have quickly made them stars of the local value.

The first album, "Selected Scenes from the End of the World", was released on cassette in 1992 and sold in large quantities. But despite this and some fame in America and even Europe ,group remained for a long time in the world of show business shadow. It is only 95, the album was re-released on the German record label Apocalyptic Vision. Behind him, in 1996, came second full-length edition of "Psycho Magnet", including hits such as "Kiss", "Shatter" and gave a huge boost to the further growth of the group `s popularity.LaM soon began to appear on the covers of popular magazines and participate in world tours as headliners. Already in 1998, London After Midnight served as one of the leading teams with The Cure on the famous magazine Zillo Festival in Germany in 2001 as part of a world tour led sixth Wave Festival, and in the next, 2002,We took part in the festival M`era Luna also among the headliners.

To date, the team has in his luggage 3 albums, 1 single and video for the song "Kiss", consisting of the cutting of live performances. The third unmentioned above album is "Oddities", released in 1998. it can hardly be called a full-length work ,because the disc is a collection of rare and unreleased studio recordings and a variety of live performances. Currently, "Oddities" is not republished, and partly present on Trisol / Irond editions of "Selected Scenes from the End of the World" and "Psycho Magnet" in 2003.

The next release is expected by 2004 and promises to be ,According to Sean Brennan, more emotional and atmospheric. This time, he decided not to focus on the lyrics, as in previous works, and the creation of mood through music. Recording the album has the working title "Violent Acts of Beauty". Based on the available demos "Love you never" and "Nothing`s sacred" can be expected to hit another drive ,fresh enough not to cause controversy over the stalemate in the work and quite impressive to say "The past is over, this is something new".

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