Lloyd Blankfein

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Date of Birth: 09/20/1954

Age: 62

Place of birth: New York

Citizenship: United States

The head of Goldman Sachs

Lloyd Blankfein was born in the Bronx, New York (Bronx, New York City), in a Jewish family. His father worked as a clerk in the postal service, the mother labor secretary. Already boy Lloyd started to work - he led the commercial activities at the stadium `Yankee`. After successful graduation Blankfein went to Harvard; where he in 1975, earned a bachelor`s degree. In 1978, Lloyd Blankfein received his doctorate in law, also at Harvard.

For some time, Lloyd worked in companies `Proskauer Rose` and `Donovan, Leisure, Newton & Irvine`. In 1981 he got a job in one of the branches of `Goldman Sachs`, specializing in work on the Commodity Exchange - `J. Aron & Co.`; He worked seller of precious metals in the London office.

Chairman and CEO of `Goldman Sachs` Lloyd Blankfein began in 2006. In total this year, he received 54.4 million dollars, becoming one of the most expensive `` representatives of the leading stratum of Wall Street. The award received by Lloyd, reflecting its contribution to the overall performance of the bank in this year, a total number is estimated at 9.5 billion.

In 2009, the `Financial Times` Blankfein was named Person of the Year; Reporters noted that the efforts of Lloyds Bank was able to arrange to obtain the maximum profit from the most powerful of its sides, absolutely coolly winning at low interest rates and reduce iz-za crisis level of competition from banks considerably weakened.

January 13, 2010 th Blankfein in a speech to the Committee on the financial crisis, said that `Goldman Sachs` does not create a product, but defines the very face of the market. Blankfein has previously appeared on skhozheyteme before Congress; Then he said, that the bank did not have any - any moral or legal - obligation to inform customers of a number of rather complex aspects of ongoing bank transactions.

Not all board Blankfein was to taste; it is interesting that it is often criticized for the same, for which he was praised. In March 2012, the former representative of the guiding layer Bank Greg Smith (Greg Smith) to smithereens criticized the policy of `Goldman Sachs` and its leadership headed by C. Blankfein. Criticized Smith himself noted that since Greg devices into the pot before the awakening of the moral principles was highly impressive life - 12 years.

Blankfein has actively supported the Democrats, and called himself a democrat and; we know that the needs of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton (Hillary Clinton) Blankfein has spent a minimum of $ 4600. Employees and relatives of employees `Goldman Sachs`, according to available data, in the presidential campaign of Barack Obama (Barack Obama) have allocated a total of nearly one million dollars; Republicans from the bank in 2012, however, got a lot more. Many funds and Lloyd singled to charity; He worked closely with the project `Asia Society` family Rockefeller (Rockefeller) and the charitable organization `Robin Hood Foundation`, advocating for the fight against poverty in New York City.

Blankfein married; he and his wife Laura Jacobs (Laura Jacobs) has two sons and a daughter. Living Blankfein and his wife on the Upper West Side (Upper West Side); In addition, they have a house in Bridzhhemptone, New York (Bridgehampton, New York) and Sagaponeke, New York (Sagaponack, New York).

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