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Citizenship : SShAOriginalnoe name : Ladies Love Cool James

Original name: Ladies Love Cool James


Once this American boy was shy as a wood louse. He really wanted to like the opposite sex. So in his fantasies born reppersky alias Ladies Love Cool James (LL Cool J), and Mr. James Todd Smith took up a very necessary thing.

You can not go wrong if you contact him to sing or prosaic give you their memories of the days when hip hop is only entered into vogue ,but it is one of the finest show on earth. He was also a witness, when a bunch of suddenly appearing emsishnikov could play, for example, little outstanding song "Got To Be Real" for an hour in different variations and make it a true classic breakbeats. Vulgar thick gold chains have not yet pinned down the steep neck representatives present, and accessible even to the clerk - middling SOTOVIK they are not dug in the nose, nibbling at the same time and using them for other purposes. There was also MTV. Ask him about the past, rap, and this forever, " packaged " in a baseball cap and polusportivnyy-polushabashny outfit will remember not only the words of his songs. Just now he is the idol of millions, and people like to delve into the ins and outs of climbing. .. If 28 years ago, reporters suddenly learned that this summer (I mean 1969) , in the midst of the metamorphosis of the American cultural life - in New York city -York will be born one of the first famous rappers in the world, I think, the day August 16 would have been the most notable and restless in the history of most ordinary American hospital. Surely attention to the person of James Todd Smith would be bothered in the first place to himself. But be that as it may, as he can remember ,all this time James was holding in her head bold dreams to be on top of the world, and sooner or later he would have declared itself in any case (with the support of the press or without it) . So, starting with nine short years this man has already felt the center albeit small but perfectly -formed company.It is in this age, he joined the rap, and it must be said, not without success. In the 11 years he has predominated in the local rap team, and in 13 began to write their own homemade demo. Luckily the family had found a powerful ally. His grandfather bought him a highly functional naborchik, but such that any newcomer would envy. However, I hasten to you a little bit cool : this equipment was presented to James is not in his deep desire. It was the replacement of the first class is great, which James has looked after for itself and which in fact are very wanted. " Once I touched the car, when I was walking on the bike a friend of mine - says the details of James. -Therefore, rather than to fulfill my dream - to have their own large, I bought this equipment, " The next step was sending accumulated demos against the few labels that are still reluctant, but still took up the issue and promotion repperskih records.. Abide in infancy record company Def Jam Records when contained in a staff of only two persons who are responsible for listening to the demo of young musicians. It was Russell Simmons and his colleague Rick Rubin (22 -year-old student has) . They also gave the green light to the musical talent of the young man. In November 1984, their debut single 15 -year-old rapper LL Cool J "I Need A Beat" was the debut of the same also for the label Def Jam. A year later, when Def Jam came under the guardianship of Columbia label debut album "Radio" ladies` pet James - then he just dreamed about it - it was the first album released on this small low-budget label. Drive immediately found myself in a discussion atmosphere. For example, the publication of "Village Voice" hung on him the following very flattering label of " the most worthy and original rap album of the year ", and this is not surprising, because in the first half of the 80-s competition between the rappers and say no ! Autumn next year became the first witness Mr. Smith film debut songs. In sauntrek picture "Krush Groove" was his song "I Can`t Live Without My Radio".A year later went to LL triumphant world tour in the company gaining popularity Run DMC and the Beastie Boys progressing with each passing year. In May 1987 they released the disc steep James producers which acted as a trio of rap group formed the so-called

West Coast, known as L.A. Posse,and, of course, the LL Cool J. "Bigger And Deffer" almost simultaneously with his birth was " pay back " its name, causing violent and prolonged showers of the most prestigious music awards. In 1986, the multi-platinum status rap album might sound outright hallucination, but it really happened ,and reputable publications such as "Melody Maker" could not refrain from indignation and at the same time admiration similar achievements. LL Cool J has been called " the first rap teenage idol !" By the way, this precious album included two excellent singles, achieved significant jewels in the hit parade of "black " music magazine "Billboard".First, "I`m Bad" climbed to 5th place, and even "I Need Love" and all completed the rout positions veteran charts - he humbly led the " hot " a hundred singles. Summer 1987 James spent in the company of Public Enemy, Eric B. & Rakim, Whodini and Doug E. Fresh.This landmark joint tour defdzhemovskih members could be called " 80 days around America." Here is what he wrote about the "live " LL Cool J the local press : " It is enough to cover the scene at least distracted gaze - and become apparent reasons why he is regarded as a cult figure.His movements are slightly reminiscent of the charismatic Muhammad Ali in his best years in the ring, so he has plastic body and freely dispose of the voice. .. But his sexual movements clearly resemble the Prince. " Stunningly, the girls began to go to his concerts and screaming as oftenlike their counterparts in several generations earlier squealed with rock `n ` roll and rhythm and blues. His apparent success opened the door for the promotion of start- rap artists, he simply inspired. Besides the steep Smith began to receive very flattering offers from the most famous people on cooperation. For example,first lady States Nancy Reagan made him a leading performer, supporting anti-drug campaign of its foundation, and the popular TV channel "NBC" easily granted him an audience at the prestigious program "Saturday Night Live", where Smith performed his new single "Go Cut Creator Go". I think it is not superfluous to mention also ,that the famous women`s magazine "Playgirl" put his name in the top ten sexiest music stars. After a series of charity concerts in Africa in May 1989, a steep James recorded his third album, "Walking With A Panther". Ladies ` man knew, however, that there are several ways to climb the mountain. He recalled the success of natural romantic ballad "I Need Love" and for a while forget about the steepness of its foreign, to rivet a cart rap ballads. Although realism street existence and infringement of the rights of people with colored skin still here and got a place in a no lesser number of sketches, but not only that, he wanted to convey to his audience. " Teenagers come to my concerts, to have fun, not to hear once again how perfect and ruthless the world - explains the LL -. I`m not advocating violence and drugs in their songs. " On the contrary, due to the domination of his homeland of these harmful things, he takes the side of the strongest opponents of " artificial bliss. "A good half of 1990 LL spent in the studio DJ Marley Marl, who became a co-producer of his next album, "Mama Said Knock You Out", will be on sale in September this year. It earned him four hitparadnyh singles, most of whom came to the first place. In the spring of 1991 with the same name videocompilation is the first on account of the rapper. A little more than an hour at that time the best singles of James, complemented by a series of interviews with people who knew LL Cool J, and, of course, with him personally, was curious material for his fans and shed light on the true Mr. Smith. After exposure of James in the credits of the film "The Hard Way" in May of the same year MTV for the first time in its history, broadcast live acoustic "Unplugged" rap artist, who naturally became LL Cool J. unabated and social work of the artist.Together with other rappers, he took part in the program for the return of the forgotten teenagers need to attend school, as well as attract the attention of young people to reading books and visiting libraries. "Be cool. .. stay in school!" - I read the rapper `s call, and to the surprise of many, it really worked. James and the company was able to prove to teenagers that attend school are much bigger and more interesting than doing nothing on the streets. In 1992, Smith wanted to feel again in the actor `s clothing. He starred in the film Barry Levinson`s "Toys" and got this from a lot of fresh impressions and pleasure. These shooting was a harbinger of Education James youth organization "Youth Enterprises", which was intended to unite under the principles of sport and thirst for knowledge of many teenagers of America. Implemented in 1993 his fifth album " 14 Shots To The Dome", unfortunately, he showed all the same steep James. There was not one thing ,that he had not done better in the past. Following fashion trends, it could be considered a self - gangsta rapper (see. Album name) . By the time his nine more than successful rap career allowed him to vary within the style. Still, after 24 years he was " dinosaur " rap. Experiments have already stopped during the recording of the next album, "Mr. Smith". Regarding the old samples (mostly pure soul early 80`s) and the lyrics to every listener familiar themes of love, hip- hop and of Mr. Smith returned to their former positions LL Cool J, and even make this drive the most successful in the career of the rapper ,it is also largely to escalate some of his actor`s work. Despite the presence of dirty language in some of the songs, for example, in "Doin` It", which is now zainteresuesh only 13-14 -year-old youths, the LL unlikely hero was really the compositions. He`s not a gangster, what would appear in the last two-three years! And the melancholy story loser in love in "Hey Lover" once again proved it, immediately spot the gentle lyrics and backing vocals specially invited Boyz II Men. Cool James could do nothing with his natural kindness and humanity, and his fans have felt it and forgave him all previous antics. After the release of the album, a collection of 16 of his best singles Citizen Smith did not for a long time to lie on the bottom. Most recently, he recorded his new album "Phenomenon" and sat down at the memoirs (the book will be released under the name of "I Make My Own Rules"). So it will be interesting to see and hear the new LL Cool J, who is close to cross its 30 - year milestone. As always, I would like to remind you that rap - is primarily a meaningful lyrics, and then the music (sometimes it is possible not to notice !) . Let us see how once again the elite turns to the classics!

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