Liya Van Lir

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Citizenship: Israel


Lia van Leer was born in the Bessarabian town of Balti in 1924. In 1940 he settled in Mandatory Palestine. In 1946 she graduated from the Faculty of Humanities at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In 1948 he met an engineer, pilot and playwright Wim Van Lear (Wim van Leer) - the son of a major Dutch industrialist Bernard Van Lear (1883-1958), founder of the philanthropic foundation van Lier.

After the marriage, the family van Lier settled in Haifa (1952), where in 1955 Lia van Leer founded the first Israeli film club (in the country did not yet television) and began collecting film production. The following year she opened a similar community of movie lovers in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Van Lear kollektsiyakinofilmov collected was the basis of it organized in 1960 in the same place in Haifa, Israel Cinematic Archive (now the largest in the Middle East) and in 1973 - the Haifa Cinematheque, the first in the country.

Soon van Lyra settled in Jerusalem, where in 1981, supported by the city mayor, Teddy Kollek was transferred to State Film Archive and where Leah druguyusinemateku created. In 1984, with the support of philanthropic foundation van Lier, Leah has organized the annual Jerusalem International Film Festival, which she has since headed. Archive, Cinematheque and the festival together make Jerusalem the center of the movie.

In 2004 Lia van Leer was awarded the Israel Prize for his achievements throughout his career.