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The music press they immediately dubbed "black" Led Zeppelin ". Four outstanding musicians of our time,equally comfortable in a variety of styles - from jazz and metal to hip - hop and Latino - four bright personality. Tradition, multiplied by the ultra -modern. Before them the rock was considered the exclusive domain of the white man. They - Four black guys that blew to smithereens the offensive racist stereotypes.They won four studiynika several "Grammy" and "MTV Music Awards".

They - this New York quartet "Living Colour"

The team established a black gitarist-virtuoso Vernon Reid (Vernon Reid). Name - Living Colour -was overheard in transmission on NBC announcement: "The following programme is brought to you in living colour" (something like a "real program is presented in a live color scheme"). Initially, there were three. In addition to the Reid -bassist Mazza Skilingz (Muzz Skilings) and drummer Will Kaloun (Will Calhoun). Also African Americans.A couple of times in rehearsal came jazz pianist Geri Allen (Geri Allen), but then recused himself.

At first I had tight. Permanent job, as well as their own songs, was not.Trinity was interrupted performances eatery in the Bronx and Brooklyn, doing transcription classics 60-70.The personnel of the finally completed in 1985 with the advent of free vocalist Corey Glover (Corey Glover), with whom Reid met at a birthday party at a friend`s. Glover appeared lad vociferous, prominent, cinematic past (the maestro starred Oliver Stone (Oliver Stone) in "Platoon." And not just in the crowd, and played a major role!).Stocked up, the quartet goes to audition for the legendary punk club CBGB and - gets a permanent contract! (Unheard of thing for a start command).

In order to understand, what material is made Living Colour, turn to the dossier, which recorded achievements of each participant.

Vernon Reid was born in London but grew up in New York,where his parents had moved. In 17 years, thanks to Santana (Carlos Santana), music seriously ill and took to master the guitar. "Santana brought rock and roll ethnic background is -Reid says of his guru -. He created his own style, which began to perceive as a rock` n` roll. "

After graduating from the "red" diploma school Brooklyn Tech,Reid takes private lessons with jazz masters Rodney Jones (Rodney Jones) and Ted Dunbar (Ted Dunbar). Rating the young musician strongly rose in the early 80 -x he invited eminent jazz Ronald Shannon Jackson (Ronald Shannon Jackson) to participate in the "Decoding Society". In his spare time main job Reid hones skills,practicing a variety of music - from records in wards pop producer Kashif (Kashif) to participate in the jazz - punk band densovoy Deefunkt.Around the same period, Vernon Reid and journalist Greg Tate (Greg Tate) base social organization Black Rock Coalition. "Heavy" black "groups complete, but excluding King`S, 24-7 Spyz Fishbone and others unknown to anyone. Labels are not willing to sign contracts with them. With this social justice we are going to fight, "-It stated in its charter.

By 1990 th organization had 175 individual and 30 corporate members. By the way, one of the "party meetings" BRC and Reid met future colleagues Living Colour.A native of the Bronx Will Kaloun finished "Berklee School of Music" in "Music production and sound engineering." Marked prestigious award Buddy Rich Jazz Awards. Already, as a member of Living Colour, awarded the title of "Best New Drummer of 1989 " and the three "best progressive drummer" - in 19891991 and 1992 years (according to a survey of Modern Drummer magazine reader) - as well as the "Drummer of the year" (from tabloid Rolling Stone in 1990) . Participation in Kalouna "LC" also allowed him to open up, as a great songwriter. Write them "Pride" (album "Time`s Up") and "Nothingless" ("Stain") appreciated the criticism.Corey Glover before meeting with Vernon Reid sang in a jazz orchestra of Harry Belafonte (Garry Belafonte). Then he took a sabbatical to withdraw from Stone. Replacement found him in the person of Mark Ledford (Mark Ledford). The team drove off to Europe for Moerz Jazz Festival, and after returning Glover put before the fact,that the tour with new singer crammed in advance, up to 1988 years.

On top of Glover worked as a consultant to the company "Clarol", specializing in the production of hair lacquers, noted in several commercials on TV (including, for the US Army), he worked for about six months leading to the VH- 1 channel.

Mazza Skilingz.The glaring injustice: Mazza participated in the group from the very beginning, recorded three that have become classics, the album, and in the official chronicles of him said only that he - a serious musician, academics, He graduated from City College in Manhattan. What should I do to Living Colour, is doing now, she is alive and well -a line, not a word. I do not like human beings, the right to. ..

... Fortune was favorable to the group. One night at CBGB on the light looked CAM Sir Mick Jagger (Mick Jagger), who arrived in New York on business. However, Sir, he was not then. Even I could not imagine that one day his services to the home to be so highly valued.Everything is much more prosaic: Jagger was recording a solo album "Primitive Cool", and "LC" made him feel that the boss Rolling Stones, do not hesitate to invite musicians to work in the studio. Jagger himself is taken to produce a record command, simultaneously punching of the plate in the contract "Epic" giant.Blacks metallyug there received with lukewarm, but authoritative person did not contradict. We agreed that the material should be rewritten.

Debut album "Vivid", written under the direction of Ed Stesiuma (Ed Stasium) (Jagger appeared as a "guest star", having put his hand to only a few tracks), arrives at retail in May of 1988. On MTV give the first video ("Middle Man") marked "alternative / college-type band". In summer, the band went into the first tour, playing to "warm up" in the Cheap TrickThen Robert Palmer (Robert Palmer), the Billy Bragg (Billy Bragg). The audience reacted without enthusiasm.This success was waiting for young musicians in September of the same year, when the country music channels began to broadcast the video for the song "Cult Of Personality" ("The cult of personality"), in which the cult of the leader mocked. Curves sales leapt up quickly,and by the end of the year "Vivid" made it to sixth place in the album charts. He became the "gold", then - double "platinum". Early next year, Living Colour getting his first "Grammy" in the category "best hard rock performance," a few trophies from MTV Music Awards and the title of "Rock-Breakthrough of the Year "by the magazine Rolling Stone Three compositions LP hit the Top40 -." Glamour Boy "," Open Letter (to Landlord) "and recorded with the participation of rappers" Public Enemy "" Funny Vibe ".

In October 1988, Reid took part in recording another solo album "Rolling" - Keith Richards (Keith Richards) - "Talk Is Cheap".As a reciprocal gesture, "the Rolling Stones`" invite "livinkolorovtsev" to open their world tour, dedicated to the exit "Steel Wheels" (1989). After one of these representations guys acquainted with Little Richard (Little Richard), legendary rock and rollers 50.

"" I - one of the glamor boys, which you sing! "- He told us -recalls Vernon Reid. - Imagine: Little Richard in person comes to us and says: "Do you guys - a balm to my wounds!" "

But handshakes and friendly feast did not stop. For the second album "Time`s Up", appeared on the shelves of wafer stores in September of 1990, Richard suggested text banter rap "Elvis Is Dead".The track was recorded with the support of the former saxophonist James Brown (James Brown) Maciej Parker (Maceo Parker), as well as rap artists Queen Latifah (Queen Latifah) and Doug I. Fresh (Doug E. Fresh).

On "Time`s Up" Music Living Colour has become much more difficult - from hardcoretresha (title track "Time`S Up") to fanki-Soul ("Love Rears It`s Ugly Head"). According to Reid, "Time`S Up" - " a couple of steps ahead of what was done in the " Vivid ". The song highlights the problem of AIDS, information technology and drug addiction.

Preliminary applications "Time`s Up" has received more than 400 thousand ,

and a week later was asked to duplicate copies.Starting from the 82 th position in the "Billboard", "Time`S Up" took the mark "Top20" easily, reaching the 13th line. This album received another "Grammy". Between the celebrations of the team a lot of concerts, performing in Europe and the US in predprogramme "Guns`N`Roses".1991The year was marked by the participation of Living Colour in the grand mobile festival Lollapalooza (in the company of hard rockers `new school" Jane`s Addiction, rapper Ice-T and pankerov The Butthole Surfers), as well as the release of EP "Biscuits". It includes alterations Hendrix "Burning of The Midnight Lamp", "Love And Happiness" soul-artist Al Green (Al Green), "Talkin` Loud And Saying Nothing" James Brown, with autteyk "Time`S Up" - "Money Talks". Plus a couple of live tracks. "Biscuits" took a few. "Too ambitious" In this sense, revealing Review browser "Yet Entertaiment", these groups. "Probably, Living Colour consider themselves successors Hendrix and Brown -said in the review - but to understand it and the rest of the guys have to make a recipe for his "biscuit" easier. "

Another event happened in 1991, in November left the band bass player Mazza Skilingz. The official explanation of what happened are vague and vague (not "get along", "Evil does not hold each other" etc.),which gives grounds to speak about that Skilingza simply "gone." Be that as it may, the holy place was empty until July next year, when in the joined bassist virtuoso Uimbish Doug (Doug Wimbish). Prior to that, he played in Talkhead and George Clinton (George Clinton), collaborated closely with the iconic Hip Hoper label Sugar Hill.One time Uimbisha even touted in the Rolling Stones to replace Uaymenu Bill (Bill Wyman), but he found the courage to refuse to "then make room for the next candidate."

With a new bassguitarist recorded the third studiynik "Stain". The record turned metal "from" and "to", from composition to composition, without stylistic distortions.She came in February 1993, took 19th and 29th in the US and the UK rankings, respectively. Then - according debugged show Corporate Business pattern: touring, posters, fans. ..

At the beginning of 1995 -of the unexpected happened: the most famous African- American metal band announced the termination of activities.Excerpt from the official press release: "We have lost all desire to work together During the last two years within the group brewing controversy, so we decided to dissolve itself, to not remain enemies until the end of life. ...." Hot on the heels collection greytest Heights "Pride" (1995) was released, which also got some fresh things.A year earlier in Japan came "Dread" CD with recordings of live performances (mainly based on the "Stain" album) and two b-sides - "TV News" and carpet version of "Prince And The Rovolution`s" " 17 days ".After the breakup of the band Living Colour dispersed on solo projects. Previously, all made itself felt guitarist Vernon Reid,was released in July 1996, a brilliant instrumental album "Mistaken Identify". Being a versatile musician, he recorded at the Public Enemy, BB King (B.B. King), The Ramones, Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey), Mick Jagger, Tracy Chapman (Tracy Chapman), Carlos Santana and many others. Everything else, Reid was successful saundtrekmeykerom.His most famous work - the music for the film "Johnny Mnemonic" with Keanu Reeves (Keanu Reeves) in the title role. His first personal "Grammy" musician will receive in January 1996 and was incorporated in santanovskuyu for retrokompilyatsiyu "Rainbow Serpent" composition "Every now & Then".

Solo vocalist Corey Glover - "Hymns" -He was released in July of 1998. Bassist Doug Uimbish worked " in the wings " Madonna (Madonna), Annie Lennox (Annie Lennox), Rolling Stones, Ron Wood (Ron Wood), Strength (Seal), Joe Satriani (Joe Satriani) and many others. IN 1999-

m and Uimbish labored solo album "Trippy Notes for Bass", and then founded the drum and bass project Jungle Funk,which later transformed into Headfake.

Drummer Will Kaloun also not sitting idly by. Over the next five years after the collapse of the LC, he traveled almost the entire globe. As part of the touring jazzWayne Shorter Band (Wane Shorter) visited Russia, in Morocco, studied local folklore drum. .. Got even to Australia,where he lived in an Aboriginal family a couple of months. And everywhere I heard the same question: when will finally be reunited Living Colour?

From distant wanderings returning, Kaloun calling former colleagues with a proposal to get together and jam. Those agree,and the first for many years performances at CBGB Quartet seriously think about the reunion. "At first it was somehow strange - says Reid -. But again we were a group We again want to hear and see After the concert, people come up to me and thanked me for beingthat Living Colour returned to their faith in music.!.For an artist such moments are very important! "

Without thinking, a quartet sits down to write new material. Over the year and a half out of their pen came many songs that fit them to be at least four of the album. So far released only one "CollideOscope". Others do not make long to wait: Living ColourIt seems to be back here to stay!

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