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Date of Birth: 09/10/1931

Age: 67

Place of birth: Olevsk

Citizenship: Russia

book. Star of the tragedy: the puzzle of fate and death. S.384-387

Author: Fedor Ra`zac

Website: Celebrities

Lucien Ovchinnikov was born September 10, 1931. Her father was a border guard, so the family often had to wander around the country - they lived in Karelia, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine. Since military bases are usually films shown for free, Lucy was often in the film - a film watched many times. It has become a favorite actress Lyubov Orlova. She and parents always said that when he grows up to be an actress, like Orlov. But parents treated her with irony. Later it became an occasion to frequent conflicts in the family. As a result, in the late `40s, after finishing school, Lucien ran away from home (they were living in Ashgabat) in Minsk, where her aunt lived. There, she was going to enter a theater institute, but she was not lucky - in the institute teaching in Belarusian language, which she did not know. Having failed, Ovchinnikov some time working pupil saleswoman in the perfume department of a department store. But in 1950, he went to seek fortune in Moscow. And she was lucky - it took GITIS. The actress recalled: "On examination I put some red tape in the head and read," What do you stand alone on the road ... "And I was beckoned from the selection committee and quietly asked," From what you have family, girl, "And I? they also speak in a whisper: "We are military," And they took me ... ".

In 1955, Ovchinnikov graduated from college and got into the troupe of the Moscow Mayakovsky Theater. The first big role as an actress in the theater Valya was in "Irkutsk Story" Arbuzov.

Ovchinnikova debut in the movie took place in 1959 - in the film Leo Kulidzhanov "Father`s House" she played a village girl Nura. When the actress first saw himself on the screen, very upset and went to the show. But most critics considered the best debut of a young actress. In one of the issues of the magazine "Cinema Art" was even placed her portrait.

Then there was the painting "Spring Maiden", which got the role of graduate Ovchinnikova culinary college Nasty. With this film, the actress has traveled many countries: Switzerland, Cyprus, Senegal, Indonesia.

But the real fame came to Ovchinnikova in 1962, after the on-screen comedy Yuri Chulyukina "Girls", where she got the role of Katie. After that, the role of the actress fell exactly in abundance. She starred in "Nine Days in One Year" (1962), "Morning Train" (1963), "Loyalty", "On the Tomorrow Street" (both - 1965), "Strong spirit", "Journalist" (both - 1967 ), "On the way to Lenin." Almost all the pictures Ovchinnikov played a supporting role, or episodes. But in 1970 in the movie Vitaly Melnikov "Mom got married," she played a major role (critics noted its beautiful duet with Oleg Efremov).

Another audience remember the role played by an actress in a comedy Alexei Korenev "Big Break" (1973) - the beloved foreman Petrikin. After the film`s release L. Ovchinnikov was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR.

Other works Ovchinnikova in the movie: "We are waiting for you, man" (1972), "That we do not pass" (1976), "Lullaby for men", "Twenty Days Without War" (both - 1977), "Floating walruses" (1981 ), "The Awakening" (1983).

Ovchinnikov early married - even when I was in GITIS. However, the marriage did not work out. The same fate befell the second marriage. And only the third marriage - to actor Valentin Kozlov - proved to be successful, the couple have lived together for more than twenty years. But the children they had.

In recent years, Ovchinnikov worked in the Moscow theater actor. Together with her husband she acted in combined concerts. However Kozlov died in 1998. Ovchinnikov survived her husband for a while.

January 7 Ovchinnikov was staying with his longtime girlfriend Tamara Tour. Prior to this, she complained that he felt unwell, and Tamara tried to dissuade her by phone from the visit, but the actress still had to - wanted to treat a friend granddaughters chocolate bunnies. All evening friends chatted in the kitchen. Ovchinnikov complained; "What are you still happy, Tamara. You live vnuchkinymi problems in your house comfortable. And I after her husband`s death, and live you do not want ..."

After spending the night with a friend, Ovchinnikov morning felt bad. "I am dying", - she said Tamara. That immediately caused "fast". But when the doctors went to the 13th floor, the actress had already died. I broke a blood clot ...

L. Ovchinnikova funeral took place on January 12 at the St. Nicholas Archangel Cemetery.

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