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Four-time champion in surfing world

It is generally accepted that professional athletes are often in the race for ratings and titles lose what makes them women.Not everyone, however,pass through such a transformation - so that the American surfer Lisa Andersen and managed to succeed in professional sport, and remain a real beauty.

American surfer, a four-time world champion, winner of a large number of sporting awards and regalia.

Lisa grew up in Ormond Beach, Florida (Ormond Beach, Florida).Surf Andersen was engaged in 13 years; at that time, women in the sport was virtually no - in fact, throughout his hometown Lisa was the only one. At first, the men belonged to surfers Lisa skeptical; She, however, was able to prove that his talent men she is not inferior. My parents belonged to hobby daughter also without much enthusiasm;Andersen eventually found it best to escape from the DMA.

New shelter Lisa found herself in Huntington Beach, California (Huntington Beach, California); Here she was able to continue training and become a disciple of an entire galaxy of outstanding surfers. Over time, Andersen took courage and began performing in competitions of amateur level.For some 8 mesyatseviza took 35 prizes at national level surfers association; in 1987 she won the US Open.

After this victory, Andersen retrained in a pro. At the end of the first season in the new Lisa was recognized as Rookie of the Year (Rookie of the Year); in the ranking of the best serferomira she took 12th place.The first victory in the professional level of the tournament she won in 1990 in Australia (Australia). The main problem for a long time Lisa was an inability to concentrate on the task; laterHowever, Lisa was able to increase the level of self-control, not least bagodarya the birth of a daughter.Soon after the young Erica (Erica) born Lisa went to Japan (Japan), for the finals of the next competition. S

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