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I left Oleg wife ... but somebody over considered that we should still be together

Author: Valentine Oberemko

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In 1955, 17-year-old Lionella Mow the film "The Gadfly" for the first time looked, and was struck by the beauty and courage of the hero, played by Oleg Strizhenov.

- I could not help but fall in love with such a handsome man. Screw him a novel did not want to, I wanted to work together. But fate led us to each other. Providence has sent us a chance meeting in my hometown - Odessa. That day I went to the clinic and when she saw the crowd. Around soffits - were filming "The Mexican." I came closer. In the heart of the film set was Strizhenov. Assistant director started to drive away the audience, I, too, have asked to move. Strizhenov turned, looked at me and said, "It do not repulse." And in a break between filming I approached and asked my name. So we met. But it was a fleeting episode. We met again only years later.

I was shot in Yalta in his first film "Free Wind". But Oleg was there passing through. The city, meanwhile, there were rumors that somewhere nearby to make a film with a young beautiful girl who has very fine and very beautiful waist bust. It is now a figure of no surprise, because many silicone breast. And then all of it was interesting! Here Strizhenov with someone from their znakomyhi looked to the set. He saw me and remembered our chance meeting on the set of "The Mexican." But something prevented us then talk.

And already after the release of "free wind" we began a whirlwind romance, which according to the laws of the genre had to stall. I was aspiring actress, and Oleg - a successful career and family ..., which grew five year old daughter. Break his marriage seemed impossible. And God sent me salvation - in my life there was another man who stopped this novel. Directed by Ivan Pyryev.

The house of Ivan Pyryev Lionello invited her friend, a friend of the director. The actress on the body goosebumps - because she had to see the great and terrible Pyreva, which roared all the "Mosfilm" ...

- But I saw quite unfortunate man. He was then in a very difficult psychological state. Roman actress Lyudmila Marchenko much it hurt. And I dropped out to take him out of depression.

About our age difference of almost 40 years, I do not think. Probably, there were those who condemned our marriage. But I am proud to be the first in the Soviet Union defied public opinion and did as I was told to heart. With regard to the mercantile interests, they I could not be: Pyryev, despite his fame, not saved anything. When he died, his savings bank there were only 18 rubles.

Pyryev not ham!

Today, I am outraged that the campaign of lies, which translates Ivan Pyreva. I shot him in two scenes and never seen on the set not only for themselves but also for other people no rudeness. Yes, he could yell at property master, if not stood in the frame, that need. But he was not able to get nasty. For the actors treated as deities. When his eldest son made a film about Isaac Dunaevsky, Ivan had to say a few words before the camera. After shooting Pyryev came home in makeup, under which it was evident he was pale. I asked: "Well, how was the shooting?" And he replied: "My God, what a horror - to be on this side of the camera! Now I have with even greater enthusiasm belong to the actors. " whether a person could utter such words to mock the actors?

The only truth that I can confirm - that`s what the rest of my life Ivan never forgave Marina Ladynin. I once accidentally found between the pages of one of the books her photograph in which she is still young, in coquettish hat. I brought this photo Ivan. He just tore it up and threw it away.

After the death of Ivan Pyreva Lionella took his career. The actress was offered a lot of scripts and one day invited to a picture in which the main role played ... Oleg Strizhenov.

- In the six years of marriage with Ivan Pyreva Oleg Strizhenov we happened to come across a few times at receptions, but not communicating. And now, after the death of Ivan Alexandrovich, we ended up with Oleg at the site of the film "The Last Victim". We behave with each other like old friends. And suddenly, it seemed to me, quite out of the blue, Oleg has made an offer. Thus attended Alla Larionov. He first asked her: "Allah, well, tell her to marry me!" And then I had already ceased to doubt. I realized that we destined to be together. Life is confirmed. We have been married for 33 years. During this time, who I just did not ask: "How you have lived together for so long? He is such a character, "But I say?" What a Character "Over the years, a difficult character did not feel it.

We Oleg similar in many ways. Sometimes it comes to what I think about something, and he has already said it out loud. Even in the hospital with lying - doctors have become accustomed.