Lionella Pureva (skirda)

Picture of Lionella Pureva (skirda)

Date of Birth: 03/15/1938

Age: 78

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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The first role in the movie

Lionella Mow was born March 15, 1938 in Moscow. In 1961 she graduated from the State Institute of Theatrical Arts. Lunacharsky, and she joined the Drama Theatre. Stanislavsky. Where she worked until 1964, then moved to the Studio Theatre actor.

In the movie Lionella Mow debuted in 1961, a small role in the musical film directed by Leonid Trauberg and Andrew Tutyshkin "Free Wind". Then there were works in the adventure film "Shot in the Fog" and musical kinomonografii "Ringtones Dunayevsky". Finally in 1964, the actress starred in the film of the famous director Ivan Pyreva "Light of a Distant Star."

Ivan Pyryev

Ivan Pyryev was 37 years older than Lionello. In addition, the silver-haired director was in love with a young, charming actress Lyudmila Marchenko. For her sake, he even divorced his second wife Marina Ladynina. However Marchenko did not respond to reciprocate the feelings Pyreva than later and used Lionella.

In 1967, she married Pyreva and took his surname. In the same year Pyryev started the film adaptation of the novel by FM Dostoyevsky`s "The Brothers Karamazov." The main female role, he entrusted his new wife. However, his painting Pyryev did not finish. In February 1968, he died. Rounding out the shooting of the film playing the main roles Kirill Lavrov and Mikhail Ulyanov.

The further fate

Soon after her husband`s death Lionella Pyreva married to popular actor Oleg Strizhenova, who, by her own admission, she had loved since his youth. An amazing coincidence - at one time it was the third wife of Pyreva, now became the third wife Strizhenova (he was married to actress Marianne Strizhenovoj Zemlyanikin and Charity).

In 1969 Lionella Pyreva starred in the adventure film "Dangerous Tour" (Sofia) and the detective, "Master of the Taiga", and then for many years disappeared from the silver screen.

In the next two decades, it has played a few roles, including Countess round in the drama "The Last Victim" on the play by Alexander Ostrovsky (1976), starring in the "Free Wind" musical comedy (1983), this tale "Lord Novgorod the Great" (1984), historical-adventure film "announcement can not be."


1961 Free Wind

1963 Shot in the Fog

1963 Ringtones Dunayevsky

1964 Light of a Distant Star

1965 Man without a passport

1968 The Brothers Karamazov

1968 Master of the Taiga

1969 Dangerous Tour

1975 The Last Victim

1983 Free Wind

1984 Lord Novgorod the Great

1986 My favorite clown

1987 is not subject to announcement