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Date of Birth: 06/10/1926

Age: 83

Place of birth: Forest Hill

Citizenship: United Kingdom


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Lionel Charles Jeffries (Lionel Charles Jeffries) was born on June 10, 1926 in Forest Hill, London, England (Forest Hill, London, England). He went to school in Dorset Queen Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Dorset), in the south-west of England.

In 1945, Lionel was drafted into the infantry regiment of the British Army (Oxford and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry). After World War II, for participation in which he was awarded the `Burma Star`, Jeffries began studying acting at London`s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). Lionel spoke for about two years with David Garrick Theatre (David Garrick Theatre), and then moved to British telepesy.

Jeffries had a successful career in British cinema, mainly by playing comedic characters. Because of his premature baldness battered characters much older than himself, including the inventor-father loser Karaktakusa Potts (played by Dick Van Dyke / Dick Van Dyke) in the musical `Bang-bang oh-oh-oy` (` Chitty Chitty Bang Bang `) of 1968. The funny thing is that actually Jeffries was younger Van Dyke for six months.

Lionel acting career peaked in the 1960s, during which he played several leading roles - in the films `Undermining both storony` (` Two-Way Stretch`), `The trial of Oscar Uayldom` (` The Trials of Oscar Wilde` ), `the first people to Lune` (` first men in the Moon`) and Kamelot` `(` Camelot`).

In 1970 Jeffries began writing scripts and directing children`s films, including the well-known version of the family drama `Children dorogi` (` The Railway Children`) and fantasy `Amazing Mr. Blanden` (` The Amazing Mr Blunden`). Lionel also sat in the director`s chair drama `Baxter!` ( `Baxter!`) And cartoon `Wombling Free` and` The Water Babies`.

It is known that for a long time actor harbored hostility towards the television. For the first time on the small screen, he has appeared in the television musical drama `Cream in My Coffee` in 1980, and then played Charles Radford in an episode of `Inspector Mors` (` Inspector Morse`). During filming on location of one of the episodes of the sitcom `Tom, Dick and Harriet` 1983, Jeffries and his fellow stars, Ian Ogilvy (Ian Ogilvy) and Bridget Forsyth (Bridget Forsyth), had to be rescued when a stunt involving a car went wrong .

Jeffries stopped playing in 2001. He died after a long illness on 19 February 2010, is in a nursing home in Poole, Dorset (Poole, Dorset). He was married to Eileen Mary Walsh (Eileen Mary Walsh) from 1951 until his death. Lionel left behind a son and two daughters.

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