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According to their election program ,on his debut single "I Got 5 On It" rap duo the Luniz " heated " only five dollars or so, though, mind you, the song looked perfectly in " platinum " cutting. And then, finally, we waited for the continuation of this story. His new album "Lunizik Musik" oklandsky duo demonstrated creative growth and continued the work of destruction of barriers ,separating West and East Coast rap and hip- hop. In the summer their songs can be heard everywhere. It was their year. And they deserve this success over the years of hard struggle for an exit in the front ranks of the beloved childhood rap party.

For a while they had a style company of eight people and the team was called B.W.P. (Brothers With Potential).Despite the loud sign, the only potential they possessed was a rich experience of street life, a showdown of criminal gangs, fights, petty theft and vagrancy. From that gang were only two guys, Yukmouth (22) and Knumskull (23) who with the help of their relatives were able to break away from this fruitless korotaniya first time and recorded themselves as Luni Tunz. Having a lot of life lessons, filling the catastrophic number of bruises and bumps, the guys really took up repperskuyu profession. The remaining six dudes were upstarts - alone and very quickly forgotten ,that once we fought and played together.

Yuk and Knum met in high school in the 7th grade. If they were not rappers, you probably have to sell marijuana on the streets or were bouncers at the crime bosses. But, becoming rappers, they do not become gangsters only because they had fathers who gave their time to the neck ,if you guys dropped below Planck`s law. Mothers know about the antics of their sons smaller, but still, even if the guys did everything possible so that parents have not heard, to put it mildly, bad word of their songs, friends of parents still dug youngsters write and give them heat.

C Knumscull clear.This nickname was coined for him Yukmouth due to the fact that the former had a small problem with a quick soobrazhalovkoy. Yukmouth also earned a nickname. According Knumscull said the steep mazefaker with gold fangs kuryaga hopeless. In addition, he dresses like mazefaker behaves as mazefaker and his deep on. .. be on what they think about it. You do not wait to find out what constitutes their name ? They explain their choice in favor of this strange slang words so that they are crazy from birth, do not take anything for granted and want this title to show the wildest side of hip-hop with a bit of comedy. In general Luniz - it`s one person ,embellished on both sides in different ways. Duplicity - it`s not so bad, is this diversity that gives rise to conflict, causing a genuine interest in the person.

Now their words much bitterness experienced, but they are always true, they feel every word and believe they are doing their job not in vain. Like Yuk saysthey are very eager to have their fans after listening to their new songs could say : " I, too, experienced it, I did it ! ". Everything should be as close to life.

And in their songs you will not find a global appeal, which operates the most modern musicians, trying to ingratiate himself more attention. " Do not even think to approach the tape to our records, if you are waiting to hear on your recorder naive appeals to save the world from anything or any - explicitly warns Yuk -. Because we sing about the struggle at the level of consciousness, which in globally, it has long been recognized only the power of money and power. Operation "Stackola",operation " Business " - you can call it whatever you want. But rest assured that as a thousand years ago, all things revolve around money, and our records tell us how to do them, " If it is good to listen, and even better -. Get texts, you can also find such numerous, repetitive words like " orgy ", " ass", I`m sorry ,"Crap ", etc. Now that`s a craze. Nobody wants it too far removed and Luniz too.

But back to the beginning of their careers. Many Europeans struck a message that some rappers self-taught from a little-known, it is easier to say ,completely unknown group LUNIZ able to lose the first call from the top US R & B charts blyuzovskih the King Michael Jackson`s pop music and its monster multi-platinum "HIStory" in July 1995. In Europe, such surprises are seen simply from the realm of fantasy ,but in free from any conditionalities States, the phenomenon of the American dream, it seems, it is increasingly becoming a reality for many enterprising citizens regardless of skin color and the selected musical style. But the single "I Got 5 On It" from the perpetrator in the above " ugliness " of the album "Operation Stackola" - not that other ,pribambas as a regular on the native ghetto.

If the output "Operation Stackola" was aimed only at success, the idea of "Lunizik Musik" probably deserves respect. The new album - a collective action with a lot of guest rappers with well-known names in the world Too $ hort, Redman, E- 40, B-Legit, 2 Live Crew and others.With a soft, almost jazzy sound, typical lunizovskih melodies and characteristic reppovyh performers intonations " sing - speak " oklandsky duo continues to mix the best ideas, tried and tested both coasts, in the diversity of the name in that, in principle, have already formed style, as " rap ". "Highest Niggaz In The Industry" - here came together two coolest team in the business, especially drinkers E- 40 in the company of all time Numskull smokestack B-Legit and Yukmouh. "Killaz On The Payroll" - a song -requiem for the departed to eternity 2pac and Notorious B.I.G., as well as all the unknown soldier rap Guard past and future. Etc. etc.,because it is the perfect album for a club party interested in fresh rhythms, and for radio broadcast, requiring big names.

This album can confidently recommend to fans of rap itself. This is the rare case where talented negros could rise to the height of his native ring of the lyrics and their melodies. Thank you,Yukmouth and Scumskull. As they said, they could be a good solo musicians, but together like something fun, but also dangerous in solitude through the music to defend his views on the world. Around gangsters armed to the teeth, but let them know that just a year and a microphone shoots!

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