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In recent years, people say that Linkin Park exists because of a jerk, such as those who spread rumors.

Linkin Park have not been collected, they came together, like any artist.

They started out as friends, playing here and there ,and began to take it seriously when the group came to Chester - and it was their decision. They were looking for a guy who would sing them, so they sent the film with some garbage on them and asked the people to do something for it. And Chester was this film, thanks to friends in the business. LP listen to his tape and they liked it. Now, almost every group is recruiting team members, placing ads in newspapers, in the city and so on. D. And listens to people. .. it is a common thing. No record company brought in a group of Chester. People who think this way, do not know some things about Linkin Park. .. and about the group as a whole. Nothing about Linkin Park is not done !!! In order to understand everything ,Read the whole story :)

Xero Group was founded in 1996 by Mike and Brad.

Xero Group consisted of : Mike, Brad, Joe, Rob, Phoenix and Mark.

Mark left the band before they were called "Hybrid Theory", because the group had no future, but he was always a good friend to them.

Mark is now Taproot`a manager. Guys played everywhere for fun and began to attract the attention of friends. So they did a show on LA`s Whisky and signed to Zomba Music Publishing their first show. They performed with bands : System of a Down and SX- 10.

From that moment they become serious, but " labels have not caught "so they had to change a lot and look for a new vocalist. Two years later, the group was joined Chester. It was during the change of name to "Hybrid Theory".

Prior to this, Chester lit in the group Grey Daze, which was quite successful and received several offers. (More information about Grey Daze below in " Chester Bennington " column) . .. and so, he met Mike and the guys through mutual friends. They met at the request of the company Miniet Phelps and Phelps.

The company said "Xero", they have a guy in Phoenix (Chester) that can be a good singer and sent Chester a demo.He was asked to sing / make anything on the demo.

He really wanted to work, so he went to a recording studio to do it professionally. For three days he had finished recording. The guys were surprised when Chester called and said that he did, and will fly to Southern California because it was his birthday. Presumably he left the people at the party or birthday and worked on the film. They were asked to listen to the first film on the phone. After listening to it once they were blown away and told him to flew.

Once Chester joined the team, they focused on making demos and used their connections at Zomba, to move these demos to the masses.

In the end, Warner Brothers zainterisovalis them and signed them to his label. Then "Hybrid Theory" was replaced by "Linkin Park", to avoid clashes with other groups, which had the same name.

They chose "Linkin Park",because Chester was riding through Linkoln Park in Santa Monica (it was a flophouse in the Base who hang a lot of homeless people) , after a rehearsal and it caught his attention, and the guys from the group liked the sound of it. They changed the pronunciation, because they could not buy a domain ; lincolnpark. com was too expensive. They also thoughtit`s cool, because many Lincoln Parks and wherever they came, they all say the locals.

Also while Phoenix was in the group when it was called "Xero" he left it at some point, to break through to the Snax tour group. He was not a bass player on Hybrid Theory EP, Kyle was the bassist Kristner. Once Phoenix finished the tour with Snax,He came back to Linkin Park. Who knows what happened to Kyle. . ? So what was the bassist Phoenix "Xero", Kyle was the bassist "Hybrid Theory" and Scott was a temporary bassist for Linkin Park, Phoenix is not returned.

Possible group name (presumably these names guys are risen until it stopped at the Linkin Park):"Clear" - was their favorite

"Probing Lagers" - the worst possible group name

"Platinum Lotus Foundation"

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