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Date of birth: 24.08.1993

Age: 23

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

The early stars Lina Tabagari

Author: Andrew Puminov

Website: Celebrities

Linda S. - a native of the capital. She was born on August 24, 1993 in the family of a Russian-Georgian roots. All grandmothers believe that their grandchildren are extremely talented, but in the event was quite objective in view grandmother Linda. The girl turned out to be a clear voice, excellent hearing, congenital plastic movements. Linda attended kindergarten with a musical bent, and after some time became a star matinees. She is sure to keep the audience is not shy in front of the camera and become a model pupil school Vyacheslav Zaitsev in five years. Life model looks attractive only in the glossy pages of the magazine - long sessions, often tedious defile the girl was brought to tears. But these tears have seen only the closest people, and the ability to work, in spite of the fatigue, then came in handy on the set. Of course, Linda`s childhood was not the same as that of her peers, but the girl appeared, and his circle of friends, and a whole different level of interest. Her life came displays models of leading fashion designers, commercials children`s cosmetics, and, finally, the execution of the role of Elvira in the musical Annie (1998). Although the image of this character was not central, its singer was awarded the prize for the best `Tefi` child role and the Audience Award of the festival `Moscow debyuty`.

In 1999, Linda played the role of Alice in the musical on the famous fairy tale Carroll, as well as starred in the television series `On volne` (Christine) and `Love on dvoih` (Julia).

Home schooling coincided with Linda Tabagari the rating TV show `Kamenskaya`. Cross-cutting character of works by Alexandra Marinina, formed the basis of the series, was the daughter of Major Korotkov Nadia, which often has a direct party to the dramatic and criminal conflicts. For the performer the role required not only a pleasing appearance and good diction, but also considerable acting skills. With this task brilliantly Linda, although later admitted that she often wanted to go straight from the set; and besides, the girl had to overcome the problem of relations with classmates, not all of them rejoiced to its successes. Image of `daughter mayora`, in which the girl went to the set of the series `Kamenskaya`, she embodied again - on the set of the movie` Personal nomer` (2004), where she played the daughter of the protagonist Irene. In the same year she played Dasha in the melodrama `Only ty` (` Rich Liza`) in `Valery Hour Volkova` and Mary Zverev in` Two sudbah`.

Acquired acting experience and excellent natural data allowed Linde to move from the main line `daughter geroya` to the central image. Going to the casting of the second season of the series `Kadetstvo` girl was confident of success - and I was not mistaken. Self, charming and slightly selfish Rita Pogodin was a real `girl-zagadkoy` series, and its on-screen relationship with Maxim Makarov Kirill Sobolev and caused a heated debate on Web sites devoted to this series. It is interesting that among the fans `Kadetstva`, declared as a youth series, was a lot of people very respectable age. Most of the audience enthusiastically responded about the heroine Linda Tabagari, there were many such who spoke very negatively, but indifferent to it no one was left.

After filming `Kadetstva` Linda did not remain in the creative simple - followed by shooting in the films` `and grandson Gagarina` Pending chuda` (2007) TV series` zhelaniya` Limit (2007), continuation of `Kamenskoy`. And jazz music school School. Gnesin, and mathematical gymnasium Linda studied as an external student. In 2008, she appeared on the screen in another landmark show - performed not home, but a prominent role in `Ranetkah` Rita. Other notable works of the young actress Christina were vseriale `Znahar` (2008) and in the` Milena zhelaniy` Reach (2009). The last TV project to date with Linda Tabagari became the series` After shkoly` (2012), where she performed the role of Susie Khorobrikh.

Besides serials, Linda is removed as in music videos, in particular, such as` The world lyubov` (I.Krutoy), `Cosmo Party` (PYGAS FAMILY),` Feysbuk` (Natalia Friske with Keyk Group). During the filming of `Kadetstva` girl has repeatedly said that he wants to continue training in the Moscow Art Theater School, but eventually changed her preference, and now she is studying economics, although it claims to have received economic education, will continue to engage in creative work.

His free time is dedicated Linda family that grows younger brother Luke, and friends with whom its combined professional interests. Even as a child she learned to ride well and since loves to horseback riding. His first royalties young actress once spent on your favorite Barbie dolls. Since Linda parted with most of its once huge collection, but retained the 70 best-loved pieces. On questions about his personal life she replied that she wanted to get married, to have a good family and bring up children, but soon she had other plans.

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