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Date of Birth: 05/14/1983

Age: 33

Citizenship: Russia


Acting daughter

Linda Nigmatulin was born in a family of actors Talgat Nigmatulin and Venus Nigmatulin. It was a very beautiful couple. Venus, known for the films "Provincial novel" and "Wolf Creek" is exactly what its name. Very popular among the spectators was an actor and stuntman Talgat Nigmatulin, who played one of the roles in the cult action movie "Pirates of the twentieth century." Its unusual name Linda received thanks to the passion of parents. Venus while reveled in his memoirs of his wife Linda McCartney, and Talgat fond of martial arts, he studied the technique of the famous Bruce Lee, whose wife just called Linda.

Linda was two and a half years, when he left the life of her father. Talgat Nigmatulin brutally murdered cultists. Venus is very grieved at the death of her husband. The first ten days, she just did not want to live. But then, for the sake of his daughter, he had gathered and began to slowly come to life. She even returned to the silver screen and starred in several tapes. In one of the films she starred with her daughter. The painting called "In-law of the province." According to the script, the actress had a son of Venus Nigmatulin. But when the director Saken Narymbetov saw Linda - grimy, curly, in tattered little jeans daredevil, the reaction was immediate: "The boy will not. It will be a girl. "

Linda remembers about his first acting experience: "I clearly remember when pointed their camera and twenty men with awe at me waiting when I finally start to pick an anthill with a stick, and I felt sorry for him blankly. But I had to do it, because next to me my mother was on the set. And it of course, I always listened. It is the most authoritative person in my life. Mama said sternly: "You have to Linda, it is necessary." I said, "Well, so be it."

The sensitive nature

Linda grew uneasy girl - tomboy and hooligan. Stroll school had no trouble for her, and the teacher went crazy, not knowing what to do with it. Once she publicly burned the class register. And in the ninth grade I had a fight at loggerheads with another girl. That unflattering comments about her favorite rap. Well, that did not have time to cut each other - they separate them. Linda five times put on record in the children`s room the police, and the same shot again, given that she was the daughter Nigmatulin. This was the only indulgence, but otherwise gave no quarter, by contrast, require twice as many, than with others.

Venus, as she could, took care of her daughter. She struggled to develop Linda correct stance, making so that no one will ever dare to hurt her. Linda visited all the existing clubs in the world - art swimming, karate (she has a brown belt) - and a music school. In addition, my mother since childhood accustomed her to a serious literature - Nietzsche, Freud, Heidegger. But perhaps it is excessive zeal led to a protest from Linda. Recalling his childhood, Linda admits that now she is very ashamed of her behavior, hooliganism, and for the fact that my mother often deceived.

The Stepfather

Linde was thirteen years old when their family came a new man. It so happened that her stepfather immediately established a good relationship. She recalls: "My stepfather came into our lives very smoothly, so there were no subsidiary jealousy. In addition, with the advent of Ruslan Samarhanovicha we all quickly settled. And if the old flashing babskie skirmishes, he delicately bred us on opposite sides of the ring. First, talk alone with my mother, and then with me - the problem sorted out. I`m not jealous of his father`s memory also because entering into our family, Ruslan once said: "I know that you do not become a father, because the father of one. You can be your older brother? ". I always dreamed of a big brother - a strong, reliable ... To be able to come running to him, damn it, or if I beat all the talk and be sure: the offender is not held in vain. In short, when Ruslana I began to feel quite confident. "


After school, Linda was admitted to the Theatre Institute. Zhurgenov. At the same time she enjoys music - singing in the Kazakh girl group "Nisso `- a la British" Spice Girls ". Once "Nisso," consisting of five girls went on tour with another group - "Bagels", which included five guys were. One of them was 29-year-old Mukhtar. On the road between it and the 17-year-old Linda twisted romance. Young people realized that they could not live without each other, and when they return home married.

In 2000 - well after nine months - Linda gave birth to a son. The funny thing is that she gave birth almost simultaneously with the mother. At first, Linda, and after 22 days - Venus. Mukhtar Linda gave his son the name Alrami. A Venus and Ruslan called her - Altair. By the way, it was their second son. Before that Venus brought Linde brother Eldar.

With Mukhtar Linda lived together for long. The reason for their divorce became his giperrevnivost: "I could not stand such pressure. If, God forbid, call the fans started a real guard. On any occasion rolls wild scenes. " As for the rest of her ex-husband Linda speaks very well. According to her, Mukhtar talent from God, a handyman, and he is the most beautiful soul in the world.

Movie. 200-2006 gg

The first "adult" work Linda on the screen was the role of Dana, Mariska girlfriend in the series "Crossroads" - a family saga about ordinary residents of Alma-Ata in the difficult period of the 90s. The "Crossroads" she co-starred with his mother - Venus Nigmatulin. Then there were the work of the Kazakh film "The Big Game" (2000) and "Grant to dream" (2003). In the film "Grand Prix a dream" she starred provincial girl Sania Sultanova, who arrived in Moscow hoping to go to university. There she will face with love and betrayal, pass everything from glamorous secular parties to the bullpen and bomzhatnika, and find, in the end, happiness.

In 2005, Linda, like her character, she decided to radically change his life and went to conquer Moscow. Getting laid role of Natasha Kim in the popular detective series "Viola. In the world of criminal passions -2 ". Then she played Dzhumagul in the action series "Platinum" (based on the works of Alexander Bushkova).

In 2006, Linda Nigmatulin invited in the film directed by Sergei Bodrov. The epic film "Nomad", which tells the dramatic pages of the history of Kazakh people, she got the role of a female warrior Zeynep. Linde was able to work on the set together with the world of cinema superstars Mark Dacascos and Jason Scott Lee. Initially, the film was a lot of scenes with Linda, and she brilliantly demonstrated riding skills. Unfortunately, the installation of the cut scenes and the role of Linda was considerably reduced.

2007-08 gg

A good professionally for Linda Nigmatulin began in 2007, when the screens went several films with her participation. In Roman comedy Kachanova "Tumbler" she played Linda Gnezdovo. The actress says: "Initially, my character in the film had to call in a different way. And when director Roman Kachanov approved, he was deep in thought on a major role me: how am I going to be called? Roma was puzzled by the fact that I was so "interethnic the exterior," as he put it - neither Asian nor the Europeans. Naturally, it was difficult to pick up a name. And I invited him to his native - Linda. And since it was a comedy, it was necessary for such a serious name to invent a funny name. As a result, I became Linda socket. "

In the action-thriller Valery Nikolaev `Bear Hunt`, where the intertwined big money and big politics, love and betrayal, life and death, Linda appeared before the audience in the form of the marina manager. It is said that auditioned for the role as much as 500 people! Nikolaev chose Nigmatulin and no mistake. By the way, he managed to convince the first oriental beauties star in bed scene. Prior to that, on such proposals Linda always refuses, - it affects education. And here she had agreed to withdraw only after talking previously with my mother, and having received assurances from Nikolaev, the scene turned out beautifully ...

In 2007-08 Linda Nigmatulin also starred in films and television series, "Volkova Hour", "Battle of ladybirds," "The Golden Key", "Traffic cops", "movers and shakers". Most popular actress brought the part in the TV series "Heartbreakers", where she played Emily Shalimov, teller at the bank. Its heroine - a girl "with a twist", is very far from stupid oriental beauty. Speaking about her character, Linda admits: "Probably, somewhere in my heart I would like to be like Amelia. It is very soft, delicate, feminine, but at the same time strong. It is this should be a real woman. "


Linda Nigmatulin, despite their nationality - Orthodox. However, there is nothing surprising. Orthodox was her father. And in general, in Kazakhstan is very tolerant of different religions. Linda was baptized at age seven, and it happened under very interesting circumstances. She said: "The fact that as a child I had a long and seriously ill - effects of birth trauma were so severe that at the age of 22 days, I made a craniotomy. Then, constantly tormented by dysbacteriosis - mum regularly lay with her daughter-in clinics goner. When the seven years I have been with the temperature under 42 degrees once again rattled in a hospital bed, my mother`s friend, who later became my godmother, softly whispered: "What are you, kid, you do, why we so frightening? Remember:. You have a mother " And I am in complete nonsense, I do not understand what to broadcast, asked: "baptize me, please." And it told me mom, I myself do not remember anything ... The next day, a ceremony carried out and gave me a huge doll, which is still sitting at home in the most prominent place. Believe it or not, one day I was completely healthy. "


Some of the features of a small robber Linda survived and matured Linde. First of all, it is - stubbornness and determination, inherited from his father. "If you said," No! "- To die, but I will do in its own way", - Linda said. Mom also taught her how to properly evaluate everyday situations, rise above itself. The parents went, and her great diligence - it simply can not eat, do not sleep, day and night work: know that important an excellent result.

In the life of Linda intertwined movies and music that are not struggling, and perfectly complement each other. Selecting the acting profession for it was natural, but Linda says: "My acting is not a tribute to the parents - hard instinct. I shoot, because I can not not be removed, to treat cinema as a serious profession. Acting - heart and singing - the soul. " Fortunately, nature has not rested on Linde. About it, even made a documentary film in Kazakhstan - "The soul that sings."


1987 In-law of the province

1996-2000 Crossroads (Kazakhstan-Russia-UK) - series

2000 Big Game (Kazakhstan)

2003 Grant`s dream (Kazakhstan) - series

2005 Viola. In the world of criminal passions -2 - series

2005 13

2006 Platinum - series

2006 Nomad (Kazakhstan)

2007 Chas Volkova - series

2007 Tumbler

2007 Bear Hunt

2007 Battle of ladybirds (Ukraine)

2008 Golden Key

GAI 2008 (Russia-Ukraine) - series

Heartbreakers 2008 - series

2009 Tycoons. Being together - series

2009 Fur - series

2009 Kaba

2009 Detective Agency Ivan da Marya - series

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