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The woman, who was famous trademark `Ellen Tracy`American fashion designer, chief designer of the brand `Ellen Tracy`, on which she worked together with businessman Herbert Gallen (Herbert Gallen), much later became her husband.

It Linda Allard - the woman who made the brand famous `Ellen Tracy`. No, Ellen Tracy is not and never has been. The company was founded in 1949 by Herbert Gallen, 34 -year-old manufacturer of blouses for children and teenagers, who came up with the name of the sweet and delicious ` Ellen Treysi` for his newly-made company. Gallen Allard hired an assistant designer in 1962, just after graduating from college ,she could barely get off the bus from Ohio and knock on the door of his company`s business which were not shaky or rolls. She quickly expanded its range to include a jacket and trousers, and took the place of design director two years later - and a new image of the `Ellen Tracy` born. Since then, under the artistic leadership of Ellen Allard name Tracy` it was ` a synonym for high quality fabrics, clean lines, and the concept of a full wardrobe for working women.

Linda Allard was born May 27, 1940 in Akron, Ohio (Akron, Ohio), and grew up in Doylestown, Ohio (Doylestown, Ohio), in a century-old farmhouse ,She grew up with five brothers and sisters.

Mother taught her to sew as a child, but even before she learned to sew and started to sheathe their dolls, little Linda invented and drew clothes for paper dolls.

In 1958-1962, she studied fine arts at Ohio State University of Kent (Kent State University),and after graduation he went to New York (New York City), where he met with Gallen. Soon after Allard joined the staff of the company, `Ellen Tracy` moved away from the production of clothing for children and began producing stylish and professional collection, designed for working women 60. As a result, the middle 70error status: 400since 1984 on the labels `Ellen Tracy` and put the name of the chief designer of the company, Allard. It is, incidentally, believes that high fashion is not relevant to the lives of most real women - about her a lot written in the press, but these outfits are only a select few lucky with a big wallet. Currently, Linda is headed by a team of 12 designers and produces three collections `Ellen Tracy` year. According to her, clothes design begins with a focus on high quality fabrics and colors. Fabrics make the collection unique. Each subject collection is sold separately, but they are perfectly combined with each other. Under the supervision of Linda `Ellen Tracy` become one of the top ten garment enterprises for the production of women`s clothing in the United States (United Sates) and remains so even after 50 years on the market. Allard team is constantly exploring their clients and change with them. The key point was the success, of course ,high quality and stylish design, which feels the need to sharply increased in the last decade the number of women who do not wish, in addition, clutter their wardrobes. Another key element Allard success was its ability to diversify. It launched the first division in 1981, the unit followed him ,producing only dresses, in 1991 there was a sports line, then a line of clothing large size evening dresses, perfume line. `Ellen Tracy` also has licensing agreements for the production of scarves, shoes, eyewear, hosiery and handbags.Allard lives and works in Manhattan (Manhattan) and spends the weekend in his new country house in Connecticut (Connecticut), built in the hills of her brother - architect. She has no children, because she worked hard all her life, but she is happy that she has a lot of nieces and nephews ,so that family life and child care has not been spared by her side. On the eve of 1999, Herbert Gallen, widowed the year before, Linde made a proposal, and she agreed. They married in 2000 and lived together for about seven years - in September 2007, Herbert died at the age of 92 years. Linda does not just become the owner of prestigious professional awards, including the `Dallas Fashion award` in 1986, 1987, 1994. It is part of the American Council of Fashion Designers (Council of Fashion Designers of America), teaches at the Chicago International Academy of Merchandising and Design (International Academy of Merchandising and Design,Chicago) and is part of the University of Kent `s board of directors, his alma mater.

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