Lina Braknite

Picture of Lina Braknite

Date of Birth: 11/19/1952

Age: 64

Place of birth: Vilnius

Citizenship: Lithuania


Winner of the prize for Best Actress at the Republican Festival (1967, for the film "Dubravka")


Lina Braknyte was born in 1952 in Vilnius. Lina first appeared in film in the age of twelve. She starred in the children`s film director Arunas Zhebryunasa "The girl and the echo."

A year later, Alexei Batalov, reviewing hundreds of contestants and invited Lin to Swauk role in the film "Three Fat Men".

Lina Braknyte subsequently starred in several films, among which in the first place it is worth mentioning the wonderful melodrama Radomir Vasilevsky "Dubravka". For his role in this film Lina won a prize at the Republican Festival.

The further fate

After high school, Lina came to Moscow to enter the Film Institute, but here it was waiting for failure. Back in Vilnius, she trained as a historian, and for more than twenty years working in the department of rare books of the library of the Institute of History.


1965 Girl and the Echo

1965 Two

1966 Three Fat Men

Dubravka 1967

1971 Sea of ??our hope

1972 Last fort