Lillian Greuze

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Citizenship: France


Author: Alexei Bulatov

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Lillian was a protege of Sarah Bernhardt, the legendary French actress, and appeared in the French theater (French Theater) at 441 th Street West in Manhattan, New York. For the first time on the New York scene of Dreams appeared in the theatrical season of 1915. She became one of the few celebrities whose talent revealed the director of the French theater, Lucien Laurent Bonheur.

Dreams participated in a humorous skit called `English School`, who became her first appearance on the American scene. Her partner was George Ranavant. One expert noted how skillfully Lilian says words how perfect her speech and voice modulation, so that every word was clearly audible in the back row in the hall.

In December 1915 Greuze played with Paul Gavoltom in the French theater staged `Mademoiselle Josette, my zhena`. Once performance as Josette made famous actress Billie Burke. But a review of the performance of the image of the heroine of the play in the face of Lilian were also positive, with special attention paid to its merry way of acting - its ability to play pranks within the scene.

Schedules of Dreams appeared in 1917 - in the role of Marian Somerset melodrama George Fitzmaurice `The Recoil` William Kurteneem. The film was a very quick story about trying to save an innocent man with the help of the governor from the electric chair. Incomplete copy of this rarity pictures stored in the US Library of Congress, while the entire movie will not find anywhere else.

Lillian`s acting career continued to grow in France, Germany and Italy until 1930. After `The Recoil` filmography actress complemented roles in such films as` Hier et aujord`hui` 1918, `Simone` Edmond Duquesne 1918,` Tragedia senza lagrime` 1919, `Maitre Bolbec et son mari `` Fanatisme` and 1934 (the role Walewska) and `Le Clown Bux` 1935 (the role of Monique Daumier).

In November 1915, the actress received 200 dollars for a kiss on the French ship `Rochembo`. The ship sailed to New York, when Lillian was coming to its passengers with a bag to collect money for charity. One of them said that he will donate money if Greuze kiss him. These $ 200 were given the benefit of the orphans of French tailors who died at the front during the war.

During the First World War Lillian worked with the Red Cross on the French front in 1917. Since the beginning of the war, she was a nurse in a hospital in Neuilly.