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Date of birth: 01.08.1983

Age: 33

Place of Birth: Berdyansk

Citizenship: Russia

The star of two continents

Author: Andrew Puminov

Website: Celebrities

Lily Mae (Liliya May) was born in Berdyansk August 1, 1983, but lived there for very long. Soon her family, which grew up and still younger sister Lily, moved to Moscow. Lily since childhood differed vivid imagination, I loved to dance and to arrange representation, but parents are not treated too seriously hobbies daughter. However, nine years old girl was admitted to the Moscow State Academy of Choreography, but I studied there for a brief period. Soon Lily family moved to Nicosia (Cyprus), and in 1997 finally settle in Sydney (Australia). The girl was admitted to the prestigious school, which he successfully graduated. A good level of knowledge allowed Lily Mae easily become a student at the University of Sydney, where she studied economics and law, and also interned at the law firm.

But the love of the art of all did not pass, and Lily began to attend trials for participation in various projects. Her first appearance on screen was in the movie `Moulin Ruzh` (2001), which was filmed in Australia and the United States; however, it played the role of `rusalki` was quite small. A year later, she had already played the main character of the short film `Oslik`. In 2008, Lily Mei graduated from the University, and became a certified lawyer. Immediately after, she enrolled in an intensive one-year course at Screenwise - Sydney Film and Television School. Mei starred in the Australian series Something of Vengeance ( `something about mesti`), after which chose a line of strong women who can handle any situation. In addition, Lily has taken part in a studio performance, the psychological thriller `Crossing gorizonty`, which was filmed in 2011, and there has played the main character Sarah. In 2009 came another short film, `Sledy` where Lily Mei starred Vanessa, and in 2011 she starred in the film `Last noch` (the main character of Jade). Despite such a successful start, Lily knew that to make a decent career in Australia, being a native of the USSR, it will be difficult, and she decided to try her luck in his native country. According to Lilia, in Russia it has attracted in the first place that the character of the national cinema and TV - not necessarily enticing young beauty, and appreciate the actor is not so much in its pronunciation, as by the ability to create one or another way.

Successful debut of Lily Mae on the Russian screen became a TV series `metka` Black (2011), where the Australian actress played the role of the second plan - the headmistress of the protagonist, and her set of partners are such Russian stars as Gregory Antipenko Mary Mashkov and others. Small and became a role in the third season Lera `Dikogo` (2012) Then, in the series` Golden zapas` (2011) Lily Mae played one of the main characters, Daria, and this role has attracted the attention of even the Australian Film Critics. Lily Mae was invited by the Australian producers on a film `All but lyubvi` (original` Any Questions for Ben? `), Where she played Katherine synovitis, an ethnic Russian. Continuation of `Golden zapasa` came v2012 year and in a break between filming Lily took part in another TV show - series `Molodozheny` (2012), where once again played a character named Daria (but this time a minor role). In the series, `Do not cry for me, Argentina` (2012) Mae played with such Russian stars as Nelly Uvarova, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk Anna Snatkina. The main role of Masha Yakovleva got actress and criminal mini-series` The Bachelor (2013) and in the criminal melodrama `not female delo` actress played the role of an employee of the Interpol Stella Ikkens (` final akkord`, sixth and seventh series). Also, Lily Mei participated in the filming of the thriller `Survive posle`.

2014 was marked by an actress filming the show `Provokator`, where she played Sabina Monk, participation in action films` The thing Batagami` (the role of Julia) and `hunting rules. Otstupnik` (Erika, one of the central roles), as well as ironic comedy `Not para`. In 2015, the premiere sporting series `Vystrel` dedicated to the events of the Olympic Games in Sochi, where Lily Mei will play the role of the French journalist. In addition, the actress with Ivan Okhlobystin, Olga Buzova and Vitaly Gogunsky participates in the project of Fyodor Bondarchuk and Timur Weinstein `Barmen` and starred in the Australian film` Scab Girl Asylum` ( `Nasty girl from psihushki`).

Except for the time associated with the filming, Lily Mei resides in Australia. It does not give an interview to journalists, does not participate in social life and exposes the details of his biography and personal life. However, we know that the actress is not married, and children she does not have. At the official ceremony dedicated to the completion of work on the TV series `The thing Batagami`, Lily Mei was constantly in the company of the leading man Andrew Chadova, and a couple posed for a lot of joint and rather explicit pictures. This gave grounds for rumors of a relationship between the May and Chadov, but since no confirmation of this fact was not.

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