Lilia Rom

Picture of Lilia Rom

Date of birth: 03.03.1983

Age: 33

Citizenship: Russia

To embody four images in a film - the dream of any actor!

Author: Eugene Kudryats

Website: Celebrities

You were born in the early 80s, your childhood just fell on troubled times, when there was the Soviet Union, the sunset and you will, most likely, no longer caught Soviet attributes -.. Pioneer organization, the Komsomol, etc. What are your memories associated with childhood?

- The fact that I really do not remember this period. I did not go to kindergarten, because I was very sickly child, and usually happened like this: the day I`ll go two weeks - at home, so the preschool childhood I have been associated only with her grandmother, her pies and soup.

Children usually dream about what they will be in adulthood. What you wanted to be?

- I wanted to be a teacher, or an actress.

You are not very common or university that you graduated from: Institute of Foreign Languages ??People`s Friendship University. Why did you chose the institution rather than the MSU?

- As it happens, until the last moment I did not know where to go, it was already the end of August, and during this time has been set only in the People`s Friendship University. I wanted to act only on the evening department, so for me to get up at half past six in the morning, then go to the other end of Moscow and at the same time spend a half hour, it was very heavy. I, probably, "owl" in the cube, and for me much easier to go in the morning and get up for dinner!

You said that as a child wanted to become an actress, and why you did not enroll in college theater?

- My mother was against such a decision.

But as they say, from the fate of no escape, and you still came to the acting profession. I know that you participated in the youth theater studio. Could you talk a little bit about it?

- This is a studio with a youth experimental theater Vyacheslav Spesivtseva. When I was still at high school, then I came back to the show. Then he became involved in classes at the studio theater actors performed, and it was, as in a conventional cast HIGH SCHOOL: stsenrech, acting, movement, organic, etc. In parallel with this Spesivtsev he introduced the young actors in the play. I was, for example, introduced in "Romeo and Juliet", "Jonathan Livingston Seagull", "One Hundred Years of Solitude", "Captains of the Sand" and other performances ...

Were any entrance exam or a special screening for enrollment in a youth studio?

- In this studio there: to enlist all comers, and in the process of screening takes place. After all, when you go out on the entrance exam to read anything, it is always a little bit isolated. And you can not always see how there is a "make contact". Sometimes it can be removed, but it also happens that this is not possible, therefore, from theater schools expelled students who can not overcome this barrier.

Earlier, in Soviet times, with the actors and actresses were very clearly defined roles: transvestites, lyrical heroine, a character actress and comedienne. There is now such a division or a more blurry and we can talk about a broader profile of the actors?

- It all depends largely on the directors. If the director sees a certain actor exclusively as a villain, then the artist will have to play only villains. If it takes another director as a hero, then it will invite to this role. But in fact, many of the actors, of course, varied and can play different roles - negative and positive.

However, there is such a practice, when the actor was in any particular stream and only perceived as a hero-lover. And it is from the film into the film goes with this role, and it is very hard to escape, as he is offered the same type of role. Here, for example, Artem Mazunov, who played in "The Circus Princess" lyrical clown role FER, he told me in an interview and said, "I want to play some rare beast, tired of playing sniveller!"

- And played! In the movie "S.S.D." !!! (In this film she played the role of Artyom complexed programmer Pasha. Approx. Author)

Returning to the theme of the theater: what are you working on now?

- Now we are rehearsing a play about Yesenin - it phantasmagoria (author - a play "Vertigo" Demidov Prize winner for literature in 2000 in Barnaul playwright Alexander Stroganov) on relations Sergei Yesenin and Isadora Duncan. In the play three characters: Yesenin and Isadora Black Man - it is like "Alter Ego" (