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Date of Birth: 09/10/1918

Age: 81

Place of birth: Saint Petersburg

Citizenship: Canada


Author: Elena Murzina

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Elizabeth N. Kedrov was born in St. Petersburg (Petrograd, Russia) nearly a year after the October Revolution - October 9, 1918. However, it is a fact controversial. Part of the documents, including Lisa metric lost while fleeing from the fire covered the civil war in Russia, and Yelizaveta was free to choose their own date of birth. She often joked that since the documents are gone, it will now always be 16 years old.

Her parents were Nicholas Cedars, musician, singer-baritone, Professor of the St. Petersburg Conservatory and founder of the vocal quartet, with whom he sang Chaliapin and Sofia Nikolaevna Kedrov, nee Smooth, the owner of a lyrical soprano, who sang in the opera and taught at the conservatory. In the early 20`s Cedar with baby Lisa, and the eldest son Nicholas, a teenager, he was able to emigrate to Germany (Germany), where in 1928 they went to France (France), and settled in Paris (Paris). Not surprisingly, with such parents Lisa still a child has learned to play the piano and sing. On a visit to Cedar came Stravinsky and Prokofiev. However, Lisa`s musical career did not appeal. Quite early, in 12 years, she realized that the only thing she is interested - it is theater, and although parents want to see his daughter, singer, they did not interfere in the achievement of dreams.

Lisa 14 years, was admitted to the troupe of the Moscow Art Theatre, remaining in Paris and three years in practice, studied the Stanislavski system, then studied at a theater school in Paris. Her mentor in the field of dramatic arts became Walde Pierre (Pierre Valde), actor and director, for whom Lisa married after graduating from school. Around the same time, in 1938, 20-year-old Lisa under the stage name Lily Cedar flashed in the military drama `Ultimatum` (Ultimatum). It was her debut in the movie, but the next time Kedrov get a role in a movie in just 15 years, in 1953, when he was a famous stage actress. By the way, her theatrical career because of the Second World War, too, began rather late, in 1945.

So, for more than ten years of Kedrov`s filmed in French, Italian and other European producers (the actress owned Russian, French, English and Italian), while in 1964 she was not offered the role of an aged courtesan drama `Greek Zorba`, which takes place in Crete (Crete). The main male roles played by the famous Anthony Quinn (Anthony Quinn) as Zorba, a young English actor Alan Bates (Alan Bates) as a young British writer Basil (Basil) and the magnificent Greek actress and singer Irene Papas (Irene Papas) as widows. The role of Madame Hortense brought Lily Cedar Award `Oscar (Oscar) for` Best Supporting Actress plana`.

After `Greek Zorby` Kedrov, will not leave his beloved theater and European cinema, starred in several Hollywood films. From 1938 to 1994, Kedrov has played more than 60 roles in movies and television series.

On Broadway (Broadway) Kedrov appeared only once - she again played a role in the theatrical version of `Greek Zorby`. Posing with her participation came with the October 16, 1983 to September 2, 1984. The result was two theater awards in 1984 - Award `Toni` (Tony Award) and` Drama Desk Award`.

December 31, 1968, on the eve of the New Year holiday, Lily got married for the second time, for the Canadian Richard Howard (Richard Howard), the owner of the theater opera company. Howard saw Kedrov on stage, was so impressed by her talent that made the actress an offer. It was a very happy marriage. Kedrov and Howard lived together for 31 years, traveled a lot, lived in Toronto (Toronto), Paris (Paris), conducted in the summer of Ontario, Canada (Ontario, Canada), and separate them could only death of the actress.

Lila Kedrova died February 16, 2000, at the age of 81, at his summer home in Ontario. The cause of death was heart failure due to pneumonia caused by complications of Alzheimer`s disease.

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