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Date of Birth: 05/03/1963

Age: 53

Place of birth: Kazan

Citizenship: Russia

We have destroyed two families Ursulyak

Author: Jan Gordeev

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Face your husband - one of the few directors who is not satisfied with the screen test.

- It`s true. He`s just talking to artists and decides: fit a particular person for a role or not. You just need to be of the same blood group with Sergei, to get into his wave. Yet he often goes to the theater, looking at the work of my colleagues. Not for nothing have many nemediynyh Ursulyak removed, but brilliant artists.

Now the husband is working on a serial film "Life and Fate" by Vasily Grossman`s novel. Who do you play there?

- Lyudmila, wife of the protagonist Victor Shtrum. My partner in the film was Sergei Makovetskii. It is very difficult, but it is interesting to work with. At the site carefully and painstakingly recreate wartime life in evacuation, tells the story of a Jewish family.

My heroine - a woman with a difficult character, hard, uncomfortable in communicating that does not allow semitones. At the same time she is very devoted to the family and the tragic situations in life to cope with a huge advantage. I have such a profound role in the movie was not. My daughter, by the way, plays Vera Panfilova, daughter of the leader of the group "Alisa" Konstantin Kincheva. Vera is now studying at the HOST, this is her first experience on the screen.

Your father - actor Alexei Simkovic - too in fact appear in the "Life and Fate"?

- Yes, in the episode. Dad lives in Samara, we were just there to shoot some scenes, and that`s useful. When once I entered the Shchukin School, I had my father`s surname. Then, at age 19, she married George Nifontova, who now plays in the Satire Theatre, and became Nifontova. Yura more than a quarter century in the divorce. Occasionally see each other, we communicate. Although we lived together for only three years, and then I met a great and true love - Sergey Ursulyak.

Lived with Shirvindt

Heard, Sergei met in your own theater "Satyricon." It turns out that the former and present your husbands and even Ursulyak first wife - Galina Nadirli studied one year at Pike. As they kontachat now?

- Absolutely fine. I can not say that all close friends. But there are from time to time, but the soul of each other do not climb.

For Ursulyak you left her husband, and he - his wife Galina, who has just given birth to their daughter Alexandra. It turns out steel razluchnitsa?

- Yes, we destroyed two families. But Sasha, daughter of Sergei, very much. Many people still somehow think that I - her mother. Alexander - an absolute and a full member of our family. I know her three years and never even thought to deprive the child`s father. Moreover, such a wonderful. Never try to take someone else`s place, it`s stupid. Sasha and Dasha, our Sergei and daughter are very fond of each other, they are sisters.

Looking back, say, whether to be afraid of changes in your personal life?

- It is necessary to hear a voice from above, but also to listen to yourself. It was difficult, though easier than Ursulyak. It took the little girl in his life, a serious place, and he did not dare to explain to her that he was leaving the family. I, at that time childless, quietly left her husband. For myself, I decided that in no way will affect the choice of Sergei: that`s how much he needs time, as he will be in the first family. Since 1986 we began to live together. The wedding did not play, just go to the registry office and signed.

You`re both out of town. How to solve the problem with housing?

- Apartments has not wandered through Moscow, but applies to all youth easily. First angle shot on the outskirts of the city - in Sviblovo, then lived with zavtruppoy "Satyricon", then - our friend Misha Shirvindt, for which they are very grateful. And then the artistic director Arkady Raikin signed a letter with a request to me, a young actress, isolated room.

There`s something in a communal with us in 1989 and Dasha was born. In general, do not have anything to be afraid of if you love, you want to live with someone, everything goes.

What about saying that someone else`s misfortune happiness can not be built?

- Someone lucky and he soon finds his other half. And sometimes, people just in the third marriage attain true love.

To her daughter no role

It was rumored that your stepdaughter Sasha Ursulyak, having two children in her arms, recently split from her husband - a popular actor Alexander Golubev.

- Sasha struggles fought for the preservation of the family, but did not work. I advised her to let go of the situation. They soon married - they were 20 years old. But, despite his young age, after parting behaved wisely and were able to maintain normal relations. Golubev talking with her daughters Nastya and Anyuta. Girls know that they have a dad who loves them madly in love and always will be, no matter what happens.

A daughter Daria is not married?

- No, it`s study in the first place for her. She entered Humanities University, a well had time, mastered the two languages, but this year dropped everything and went to the Shchukin School for a course to a wonderful teacher Vladimir Ivanov. I realized that it sits acting. For example, mothers, fathers, sisters she saw what a difficult job, but nothing could not help himself. I do not know how the rest of her career, but now Dasha so happy and incredibly satisfied.

Sergei never removed, can be in the pictures, Sasha, Dasha will all be different?

- Alexander - an amazing actress, but as long as it does not have for the role. For example, in the film "Life and Fate" she could not play the daughter of my character. After Sasha 28 years, and the script girl back in school studying. It`s a movie, not a theater. Ursulyak already tortured the question: "Why do not you take off your daughter?" And what better if told that he draws close only on the grounds that they were his relatives, not because - a good actress? I say, I hope that my husband takes me, seeing in one role or another. Sergei - objective person and me is very demanding, terribly annoyed if I did something wrong. I take no offence. At home, we often discuss the working moments. It is not in the factory are working where otpahal shift and free.

sex scenes

The memorable shooting in the "liquidation"?

- I dreamed about the role of Ida, played by Kseniya Rappoport. But my Nora - positive character not seen me too interesting. But Sergei immediately snapped: "What do you Ida! It is to you do not have any relationship. You - Nora. "

But you have the opportunity to participate in a bed scene with Vladimir Mashkov - a major sex symbol of the country.

- Volodya know since it 15 years ago in "Satyricon" staged "Three Penny Opera". And as for that same scene, so we Mashkov did not do anything special. Just tune in to each other, and everything turned out beautifully and sensually. Although I am never satisfied with his work. I can not see myself on the screen, constantly notice the error.

You do not have women`s fear that her husband - the venerable director, and around him a lot of young and beautiful actresses, so - many temptations?

- I try not to think about it. Just I live how I feel. Of course, you need to take care of yourself, improve and professionally, and as a woman, wife, mother. I like my current state of my age (48 years old actress -. YG). In short, I feel myself perfectly.

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