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Year of birth : 1994

Age: 21 year

Birthplace : Providence, Rhode Island, United States

Citizenship : United States


Lightning Bolt - This noise- rock duo from Providence, Rhode IslandConsisting of Brian Chippendeila and Brian Gibson. Lightning Bolt is the most famous group of the Rhode Island school of art.

Founded in 1994, the group consisted of Brian Chippendeila on drums, Brian Gibson on bass guitar, and guitarist / singer Hisham Barushy ,who joined the band immediately after their first appearance. Chippendeil took over the vocal duties when Barusha left the band in 1996. Later Barusha joined the band Black Dice as a drummer.


The most severely affected by the sound of the group Japanese noise- rock bands such as Boredoms and Ruins ,and jazz composer Sun Ra.

Chippendeil not use conventional microphone stand and microphone. Instead, it uses a microphone built into the home phone by holding it in the mouth or attached to the mask. Chippendeil also uses KMD 8021 Drum Exciter, simple synchronizer drum.

Unlike other noise- rock bands ,Lightning Bolt played extremely noisy, aggressive muzyku.Vozmozhno, because of this group have never been supporters of the studio recording. When they recorded five studio tracks for their debut album in 1999, they have culled four of them, and replaced them with lo-fi tracks, recorded during different performances in 97 and 98 years.Albums Ride the Skies and Wonderful Rainbowzapisyvalis already in the studio. About half the tracks for the album were recorded Hypermagic Mountain home, right on the audiotape.

Lyrics Lightning Bolt is very uncomplicated and ironic, covering topics such as: fairy tales, hevimetallicheskie cliches, terrorism, anarchy and superheroes. Occasionally affected by political issues (for example, the song "Dead Cowboy"), even though they are made in the same humorous vein. Album covers, song names and album names are made directly, the children`s style.

live performances

Lightning Bolt famous speech in places, which usually do not play well-known groups. They prefer to play in the hall, rather than on the stage, creating around him a tight encirclement of the spectators. They also have been known to start playing immediately after the previous group will play, often surprising the audience. Chippendeil often wears a strange mask, painted in bright colors, made of various pieces of clothing. Lightning Bolt played at noon at the radio house doors DJ John Peel during All Tomorrow`s Parties festival in 2004. They also played on the roof of a truck traveling in the kitchen and in the parking lot of an abandoned open-air theater.

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