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A few months guys honing their skills, and then once tried to perform "live" in one of the classrooms. Then "Lifehouse" moved to the clubs, where for two years with respect to collected a lot of people (up to 450 people).Future frontman of the group, Jason Wade (b. July 5, 1980) , began to engage in creative work in childhood.In the 12 years he has tried to write poetry, and later began to write to him melodies and lyrics into a song lyrics. By the time he was thoroughly shook with his family around the world and order gain experience.When Jason knocked fifteen, he was in Los Angeles, where he met with Sergio Andrade (b. October 17, 1977) . This kid, Guatemalan by birth, came to the City of Angels shortly before Wade.

His house was next door and the boys first played together in basketball, and then switched to music. Jason performed with the composer functions,vocalist and guitarist, and Sergio was in charge of the bass and drums. Incidentally Andrade had previously studied music, because he was a piano at home, and in addition, he played the flute and trombone in the school orchestra.

Standing drummer in the group was not,but the guys have to somehow get out as long as they have not joined Rick Vulstenhalm. Meanwhile, rumors of "Lifehouse" got to producer Ron Aniello, and he invited musicians to his studio to make some recordings.

However, in his opinion, the group was not yet ready for the recording of the album,and Ron patiently watched as his choices are gradually progressing. Once Jason brought Aniello new song, "Breathing", and the product was so impressed that he immediately decided - "It`s time!". With Ron`s colleagues, Jude Cole, "Lifehouse" received a contract from the "DreamWorks records ". In 1998 ,the first official demo were recorded on this label. The debut album was also only a couple of years. But in fact, so much time has been well spent, and "No name face" broke the upper floors "Billboard" surpassing "P.O.D." -ovsky "The fundamental elements of the southtown".The accompanying single "Hanging by a moment" generally took place in the very top of American modern- rock charts. This has allowed a major breakthrough "Lifehouse" to move out of cramped clubs in larger venues.

A special joy of the musicians delivered the fact

that they are now able to go on tour with their heroes from the "Pearl jam", "Fuel","Everclear" and "Matchbox 20 ". After the release of "No name face" team he spent almost two years on tour, toured America and Europe, and the album during this time went double platinum. The second full-length album from the "Lifehouse" went on sale in September of 2002, and he also met with success.

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