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Year of birth: 1999Age: 16 years

Place of birth: Manchester, Connecticut, United States

Citizenship: United States

Post- hardcore of the 21st century

It may seem that by the rich hard rock and hardcore scene of the early 1990s was gone - the whole world somehow follows the pop stars. Yet, even if on a smaller scale, the hardcore scene is still there,and his example musicians `Life in Your Way` prove so easy it is not going to give up. Who stood at the base of the group? Why did the band suddenly broke up in 2008 ? And as musicians see their future in the modern rock scene in America?

`Life in Your Way` - a popular American rock band, founded in 1999 -year in the US city of Manchester,in the state of Connecticut (Manchester, Connecticut). Group from the beginning of his career performing in such styles as post-hardcore, metalcore and melodic hardcore, so that today, after more than ten years in the United States rock scene, musicians can be sure to include the leaders of the American hardcore.Today the group includes six musicians, three of whom stood at the origins of the group and were among the founders: it is Josh Kellam (Josh Kellam), Todd McKee (Todd Mackey) and Jeremy Kellam (Jeremy Kellam). The history of the group can be divided into two periods: before the collapse in 2008 and beyond. In total,they recorded seven studio albums, the last of which, `Kingdoms`, went on sale in 2011, the year.

Group `Life in Your Way` was founded in 1999 in the city of Manchester, Conn. Founders kollektivabyli Dave Bullock (Dave Bullock), Josh Kelly and Todd McKee, who at the time of founding group were good friends. Soon,the group was composed of Jeremy Kelly and Casey McCue (Casey McCue), who at one time played in their own hardcore band. It is this part of a group `Life in Your Way` started work; they quickly recorded and composed the new material, so most of their time not in the studio and on the sites and scenes. Early Works team was more severe,since the group began precisely as a metalcore team and only later somewhat changed its stylistic diversity.

His first album, `Demos`, they recorded in 2000, and released their own. Unfortunately, this disc is not created a furor and almost reached a wide audience. The second album, `The Heart and Flesh Cry Out`,recorded together with a group of `Solace` from New York (New York), drew attention to the musicians, critics and fans. However, tranquility and stability of the group could not nikogdapohvastatsya: from the first months of the musicians often quarreled and changed places,so that today the list of former musicians almost twice the actual number of participants in the group.

In 2002, the band recorded `All These Things Tie Me Down`, and in 2003 -` The Sun Rises and the Sun Sets. .. and Still Our Time is Endless`, which was recorded on the label and `Indianola Records` It became, perhaps,one of the most successful albums of the group. Two recent album doaspada - `Ignite and Rebuild` and ` Waking Giants` - also were popular and were well received by both fans ,

and music critics.

July 12, 2008 - m year, playing a concert in his native Connecticut, the group announced the decay, which lasted three years,until 2011 - th. Despite the fact that the group was slightly changed, the majority of participants remained in their places. a few months musicians recorded the album `Kingdoms`, which went on sale in the same 2011 year.

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