Lidia Suharevskaya

Picture of Lidia Suharevskaya

Date of Birth: 08/30/1909

Age: 82

Place of birth: Peterhof

Citizenship: Russia


Up to 7 years Suharevskaya lived in the village. Popovkin Gryazovets district, then to Gryazovets. School years she remembered little.

When Sukharev 15 years old, the family moved to Leningrad. While studying in school, Sukharevskaya moonlighted as the manicurist, the handyman. The basis of her spiritual life were a book, which she swallowed indiscriminately, and poems, sneaks her to shiver.

Theatrical her education was to classes in drama circle and study in the 1st art studio. Ten years Suharevskaya worked at the Leningrad Comedy Theater, which he entered in 1934 and still very lively provincial. This elegant, "tog" theater Lidia began violently corroding from all vaccinated with childhood behavior and skills training deficiencies, defects of taste, talk to "about" what might have too overzealous and a refresher of the "children`s disease "back to itself, it has become a natural person, whose high intelligence is evident.

Although Comedy Theatre gave her a great deal, Suhareskaya, when the theater after the annual tour in Moscow he returned to Leningrad, did not go with him. Began wandering in the Moscow theater. There were seasons when Suharevskaya did not come out on stage, negating any possibility for themselves "slave" of the existence on the stage.

More sedentary Sukharevskaya "registered" in the theater on Malaya Bronnaya and Theater. Mayakovsky. Where it was played outstanding rhodium: Capek`s mother, Claire, "Visit of the Old Lady Durrenmatt, Edith Piaf, starring in" Old-fashioned comedy "Arbuzovai others.

In the movie, Sukharev battered mainly episodes that she played so brightly and it is characteristic that the audience remember them for years to come. In the film "Immortal garrison" and the television movies "Rain" and "Life First" (on his own script), she played the main role.

In Sukharev was no specific role: with equal success she played tragedy and comedy, intellectually rich and challenging role of simple, warm people`s lives. Its main distinguishing feature - it was no one else like.